OmniVision Launches New OV50A Sensor

OmniVision announced the new OV50A sensor, which launches with a 100% autofocus system, and QPD technology that uses all pixels to focus and auto-adjust images with better accuracy and coverage.

Sony has used a 2-in-2 pixel cluster system in a chip in its lenses that outperforms Samsung’s Dual Pixel technology, while QPD technology works in the new OV50A sensor to support autofocus in particularly night conditions.

And the QPD technology in the OV50A sensor improves perception and spacing with higher precision to apply bokeh pattern to images and other effects more efficiently.

Also, the chip includes some devices that work to redistribute the matrix color filter in QPD, and OmniVision confirms that the technology supports raising the quality of the images.

The sensor OV50A 1 / 1.55 has an optical format, a pixel size of 1.0µm, and supports merging in a single pixel size of 2.0µm larger, with a sensitivity four times more, to support the production of 12.5 mega-pixel images and 4K video recording.

The sensor is also designed to support wide-angle cameras, and the main camera, with support for digital zoom up to twice, and supports 8K video recording at 30 frames per second with QPD active technology, 4K video recording at 90 frames per second, or motion video recording Slow motion at 240 frames per second at 1080 pixels, or 720 pixels at 480 frames per second.


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