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Leaks confirm that ONEPLUS 8T comes with the best screen ever

OnePlus has decided on October 15 to officially unveil ONEPLUS 8T, and today the latest leaks come with more details about the screen specifications in this version, and it also confirms that this version comes with the best screen in smartphones.

OnePlus has announced the update of the Hydrogen OS 11 interface during the last period, which contributed to the increase in demand for new versions of the company, so the company is preparing to announce the OnePlus 8T within the next month.

ONEPLUS 8T screen

OnePlus introduced the OnePlus 8 series of phones with a distinctive screen, and once again the Chinese company is preparing to bring this screen with improvements and design efficiency in the ONEPLUS 8T.

These details have been confirmed by some previous leaks, along with a recently published teaser from OnePlus, where the ONEPLUS 8T phone is launched with a flexible 2.5D curvature screen, it also comes with a refresh rate of 120Hz, and an automatic adjustment of the brightness level of 8192.

The phone also supports DisplayMate A + standards, which confirms that the ONEPLUS 8T screen comes with the highest quality. On the other hand, Liu Zuohu recently published leaks in which he confirmed that the ONEPLUS 8T phone comes with a screen that mimics OnePlus 8 Pro, but with FHD quality.

The flexible design of ONEPLUS 8T also supports better screen effects, with better color performance and a more comfortable user experience, and the flexible screen in OnePlus 8T comes with a design that is almost 10 grams lighter than the solid screen.

ONEPLUS 8T 120Hz refresh rate

Some companies tend to choose the flat design of the distinctive smart phone screen to support the user with a better experience in touching and writing on the screen with higher accuracy, and this category of screens has a width and vision in a wider range.

However, OnePlus is moving to upgrade the refresh rate in the screen with the launch of the ONEPLUS 8T phone, which supports 120Hz, as OnePlus is one of the leaders in upgrading the screen refresh rate in its versions of smartphones.

The screen refresh rate can support 120 frames per second, for a smooth and smooth display compared to the featured screens at a refresh rate of less 60Hz or 90Hz, in addition to the feature of fast switching between applications with a higher refresh rate, ONEPLUS 8T will also be compatible with the distinguished games with a refresh rate of 90Hz or 120Hz efficiently Top.

ONEPLUS 8T display supports games more efficiently

OnePlus introduces the ONEPLUS 8T phone soon with automatic adjustment of the brightness level of 8192, and NCD with an average of 0.3, and the level of adjusting the screen brightness in ONEPLUS 8T is higher than what was presented by OnePlus in the ONEPLUS 8 series that came with a brightness level of 4096, and according to these specifications it is decided to support the screen ONEPLUS 8T Experience more accurate screen brightness with faster perception of ambient lighting and automatic adjustment of screen brightness.

On the other hand, the JNCD feature supports color tuning with higher efficiency and accuracy, to support the user with distinctive images with more realistic colors, features that can provide better support also in games, and all the previous features combine to support ONEPLUS 8T with one of the best screens provided in smartphones.


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