OnePlus Nord N100 has a 90Hz screen

Starting from last year with the OnePlus 7 Pro phone, OnePlus promised to launch all its future smartphones with screens that feature an update rate of at least 90Hz, and it has focused on this prominently in its recent marketing campaigns, but this did not apply to one phone.

We are talking here about the OnePlus Nord N100 phone, which was announced alongside the OnePlus Nord N10 in late October. When OnePlus announced this phone, the company announced that it includes a screen that has an update rate of 60Hz, but we were surprised when we heard that because it is basically just a slightly modified version of the two phones Oppo A53 and Oppo A53s, both of which include screens at an update rate of 90Hz.

The ambiguity has been removed today by the company OnePlus itself, where the company confirmed that the OnePlus Nord N100 phone already has a screen with a refresh rate of 90Hz, and that this refresh rate is already available in the settings, although the default option activated in the system is 60Hz.

After Android Authority purchased the OnePlus Nord N100 phone in the United Kingdom and found that it has a screen that has a refresh rate of 90Hz, OnePlus retreated from its previous statements about charging the phone with a screen that has a refresh rate of 60Hz, saying now that “the phone OnePlus Nord N100 Equipped with a 90Hz screen. The actual refresh rate in this monitor depends on the settings, the applications used, and the processing restrictions. ”

This last phrase, “Processing limitations,” may be an indication of why OnePlus was not marketing this feature of this phone in the first place. Its Snapdragon 460 processor may not be able to provide a smooth enough experience all the time if you choose to activate the 90Hz refresh rate, which may be the reason why the company claims that this was not available in the first place.


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