Oppo announces AR Glass 2021

During today’s event, Oppo announced AR Glass 2021, which brings design improvements from last year’s version.

The Oppo Inno Day conference kicked off today with a new version of augmented reality glasses, where the Oppo AR Glass 2021 comes with a design that mimics modern glasses, with a weight that is 75% lighter than the previous version, and supports the connection to the Find X2 Pro with a Snapdragon 865 chip via a USB-C adapter To USB-C, to support the glasses with more efficient performance.

The glasses also feature optical processing thanks to Birdbath’s technology that increases contrast by 53%, with uniform brightness support that is 98% better, and 40% better per pixel compared to last year’s version.

AR Glass 2021 features a built-in 0.71-inch OLED screen, the glasses also come with a dedicated long-range speaker, and the glasses’ design features a unique acoustic technology for the nearly open back cavity, where the user can enjoy with this design a viewing experience that simulates a 90-inch screen for a closer experience For home theater.

AR Glass 2021 can also be paired with a smart phone to provide the user with the advantage of interacting in augmented reality using the phone that will work as a touch pad, and the user can also track the movement of the hand and fingers with fisheye lenses that can support the perception of 21 signs by hand and fingers.

The previous camera is also paired with a ToF camera, which supports vision and display more clearly and more accurately from a centimeter distance at one degree, and the augmented reality glasses can support the display of video content with an experience that simulates a home theater, or games, or moving and placing furniture in the home by default.

It can also support capturing AR images through RGB cameras that support capturing images of reality and the virtual world at the same time, and Oppo is scheduled to introduce the Oppo AR program next year with tools that support developers to create content.


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