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The Outlook app update for iOS and Android launches with new features

Microsoft announced at Ignite the upcoming changes to its Outlook app for iOS and Android.

And apparently, voice controls will be expanded in the Outlook app update to support the user in dictating short emails or calling a contact from the app, in addition to being able to speak search terms with the same previous experience.

The user will also notice suggestions to reply to messages in the emails, and Outlook will also offer an option to send meeting messages to inform them if you are available or not, as well as schedule any meeting to create a new event on your calendar.

And for Android, users will get new actionable notifications so you can reply to an incoming message, archive it, or delete it when an alert comes. You can also replace these default actions with Mark as read, Flag, and more.

IOS users will also soon get the already announced drag-and-drop support between OneDrive and Outlook on iPads soon.

Microsoft is also working to bring other features found in other versions of Outlook (such as desktop) to iOS and Android. This includes reserving workspace, forecasting text and weather data on your calendar, and adding emojis to your emails, and the company said this last feature will begin rolling out in the new year.

And to make it easier for people who use Outlook on their desktop to access mobile apps, Microsoft also introduced a tool to make it easier to log into the service on your phone if you’re already signed in on a laptop.

From Outlook on your desktop or browser, you’ll get a prompt to send yourself a text message to download the app to your phone. And when setting up the mobile app, you can scan the QR code on the screen of your laptop, and the company says it will securely transfer your credentials from the desktop to your phone.

Microsoft said that most of these new features will be launched in the coming weeks, and some are scheduled to arrive in the future.


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