Performance difference with games between laptops and computers

A group of laptops is expensive and high-performance and mostly intended for the upper class of users, it has many advantages that are not found in office devices, but to be fair in our opinion, we must remember that there are many other advantages that are unique to desktop computers. It is precisely for this reason that we often fall into confusion if we try to answer the question “What is better to assemble a gaming desktop computer or buy a laptop?” This question is very common among players. The question is difficult and the answer is confusing, and it depends on several basic criteria related to the personal needs and requirements of the same user.

For example, do you seek the power of performance and wish for a smooth and fast gaming experience with all the modern graphic effects, or are the performance and visual graphic effects not among the basic factors you are looking for? Do you plan to run network and competitive games or do you enjoy the individual story stages? All your goal is to conclude the games Do you sit for long periods inside the home or office and do you think that you are one of the users who feel comfortable while moving around with the laptop inside the house, are you still in the school stage or in a professional job that causes you to go out a lot for work or to study with your friends … Questions Many and varied, and the form of the answer to it varies from one user to another according to personal preference and desire. So we will take you with us on a quick, detailed tour in which we explain to you the difference between office devices and laptops and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The ability to move

Regardless of some heavy-weight laptops, if you are thinking about buying a light laptop for games, make sure that there are many light and thin laptops that weigh less than 2 kilograms and are intended for the category of players, for sure you can carry and move with them easily and easily and accomplish all your necessary work Or play whenever you want and wherever you are, and as a result of this lightness and agility that some laptop computers have, they are superior to desktop computers when we talk about the ease of movement and wandering around the computer.

But this does not mean that the opportunity for desktop computers has become non-existent, not at all, as there are some small-form office computers that come with Mini-Tower boxes and a strong handle to control carrying and moving them whenever we want to, but certainly not the purpose of these computers Taking it to the university or internet cafes like laptops, but it is for the purpose of long safari and spending summer vacations away from the place of residence and the main residence. But if we have a laptop that contains specifications and technical characteristics that qualify it to run modern games, then surely we can dispense with any desktop device, regardless of its small size.

Cables and connections

Desktop computers need many connections, from the main power cable coming from the socket power socket through the power supply cable itself to the screen cables, display ports, and wires for peripheral devices such as keyboard and mouse. But with a laptop, you do not need all these cables unless you feel comfortable using a separate mouse or keyboard to be able to play smoothly and professionally. All you need with a laptop is to carry its charger with you in order to be able to charge its battery when it runs out and whenever you have the opportunity to do so.


Undoubtedly, desktop computers have large display screens, which you can buy and choose their size according to your personal desire and according to the requirements of your business and your uses, and thus these screens can provide you with an exceptional experience with modern games, especially if this screen is of the category of fast-performance displays or characterized by technologies Sophisticated visuals, high-quality display resolution, and attractive, vibrant colors. But while laptop computer screens may not exceed 18 inches at its best, it has recently begun to have many exclusive features that make it eligible for gaming experiences better than ever.

Laptops’ screens have recently come to contain a built-in IPS display panel, and it is not a requirement that the laptop is from the category of expensive computers in order to have this technology, some of the middle class computers contain an IPS display panel and in this way it will give you a mixture of clear, beautiful and vibrant colors that are very easy to attract To it and feel its beauty whenever you look at the screen from different viewing angles.

Some laptop screens come with high resolution such as QHD or even UHD, but in reality you will not need this high resolution with laptops and it is possible to be satisfied with very high resolution FHD display. Among the advantages of computer screens is that they have the ability to touch, and although it is not one of the basic characteristics of gaming laptops, it is one of the advantages that business computers have to facilitate the professional business owners and designers the ability to increase their practical productivity and provide more freedom and comfort in use.

Internet connection

The laptop is like a smartphone, it contains a wireless network card and you can connect to any WiFi network available to you in the place you are in, and this is what you can not do with desktop computers except from inside office rooms and homes only. Clearly, laptops excel in the ease of reliance on them, the freedom to use them, and not being restricted to the shape of the place or space that must be provided to be able to install the computer and the display screen on it.

In terms of energy consumption and performance

Laptops have very low energy consumption due to the central and graphics processors produced by companies with high energy efficiency. Low energy consumption rates may be a positive factor for laptops, especially when moving them away from our homes or even while roaming in our homes, but … low energy consumption rates mean sacrificing the performance ratios that would have been obtained if these processors weren’t. High energy efficiency. Unfortunately, central and graphics processors are still giving up on high performance in exchange for a battery that can work for longer periods of time before it needs to be charged again.

If you are from the category of users who prefer high performance at the expense of the freedom and ease of handling and mobility with the computer, then we recommend that you purchase an assembly computer, but if you want to achieve a typical equation through medium performance and the ability to move with the computer and you will be able to use the computer from inside your home or office room and there is no A problem for you to leave the laptop charger in the power most of the time, then the laptop will definitely be able to achieve the equation typical for you.

Of course, you will give up some percentages or you can call it a share or a small dose of the performance percentage, but in return you will get everything you wish for through your laptop. We know that the only question you want to ask us now is, “What percentage of performance do you have to sacrifice after all this, right?”

This question is the focus and main goal that we will work to clarify to you through the next review that we got from one of the sites specializing in laptop reviews. This review included various types of RTX 2070 cards intended for desktop devices and integrated into laptops and also supporting Max-Q technology, and it included 6 different modern games. If we look closely at the rates of energy consumption and the frequency of the RTX 2070 processors, we will notice a clear difference in these values, for example the card for office devices operates at a basic frequency of 1410MHz and has a rate of energy consumption of 175W, while the RTX 2070 processor built into laptops operates at a frequency of 1215MHz and this What helped him stabilize at a low energy consumption rate of only 115W … This means that the rate of energy consumption has decreased by approximately 52%.

While the RTX 2070 processor works in laptops that support Max-Q technology at a frequency of 885MHz and a consumption rate of 80W, this means a wide difference between it and the RTX 2070 processor intended for desktop devices. The lower the processor frequency, this helps to achieve better stability at lower power consumption rates, and thus results in saving large storage capacity in laptop battery life.

Speaking about the results, the average rate of the results we got was according to the average number of frames that can be achieved in 6 different games on the three graphic processors, and the desktop card was able to achieve a total of 644.5FPS in all games, while the RTX 2070 processor in the laptop was able to achieve 526.4 FPS, meaning that the difference between them is 22.4 percent, and this is the percentage of sacrifice that occurs in the event that you decide to buy a laptop instead of a desktop computer, the difference seems large, but it is much better than the difference that was happening in the past, so there was a big gap that causes Creating teams by more than 50%.

But when looking at the RTX 2070 processor in laptops that support Max-Q technology, we see that the difference ratio has increased significantly due to the low frequency speed and the rate of very little energy consumption, as the ratio between it and the RTX 2070 card intended for office devices is more than 43%, which is Almost the natural percentage difference between the RTX 2070 card and the RTX 2060 card, in other words, when you buy a laptop that supports Max-Q technology, you give up on the power of the real GPU to get the power of the graphics processor that is exactly below it, that is, when you buy the laptop with the RTX 2070 Max card Q-This means that you are buying a laptop exactly with the RTX 2060 card.

Certainly, the difference percentage is large, but you get this way on many other advantages instead of high performance, which include a longer time of battery work and a low energy consumption rate resulting in a low temperature and you will definitely notice how cool the laptop is while you are running games and how quiet its sound is, not to mention the weight Light, slim and elegant in shape. At the same time, when looking at it from a different point of view, we will find that the RTX 2060 processor is not bad for its strong performance and response in modern games or montage and graphic design work. Also, there may be an opportunity that gives you the processor overclocking to run at a higher frequency, but we recommend that you not initiate this step because laptops supporting Max-Q technology are not eligible for overclocking operations, instead they are fully equipped to work with a quiet voice and a cold temperature.

Certainly office devices give you the freedom to change and upgrade their components from time to time and when introducing new generations of central and graphic processors, to allow you in this way the opportunity to get a better gaming experience with modern games and achieve higher results and levels of performance, also gives you more luxury through its various forms. Glass computer boxes, RGB lights and stylish peripherals, but the laptop gives you what is most important, gives you the best practical freedom and the opportunity to increase your production capabilities and keep up with the progress of your business even when you are far from your place of residence, at the same time you can change your room easily and move it inside the house whenever You want to enjoy maximum convenience while using a computer. So in the end, you have to make the final decision on your own according to your personal comfort, current business requirements, and how you use the computer, and you should choose the right option that gives you more productivity in your study, career, or even entertainment work.

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