How to Get Better Performance with Your Old Computer (Part 1)

How to get better performance with your old computer !! … He sits alone in his dark room, taking out his mobile phone to move between Facebook pages and YouTube clips, to devote his bad luck, which made him think about following the world of games and hardware, to complete some disgruntled phrases that afflict his luck once, and again to harm the conditions of the country and that the prices Hard currency was one of the main reasons for his current state of daze and frustration. All this because it cannot run the latest programs and applications and certainly modern games, even on the lowest graphic settings.

But why not take some time together, my friend, to see if your poor computer is really suffering from an arithmetic lag, or do you just need some prescriptions to pay for your computer’s lifetime for some extra months until there is some money that finally enables you to play the games that you have dreamed of for decades. ? … After hearing these words, our miserable friend turns on the lamps in his room and straightens his sitting to ask me, how is that ?! … Well let me tell you my friend some tricks or tricks or technically to take some steps that make you get the best possible performance out of your old computer. So shall we start? .

How to get better performance with your old computer

Keep your device clean

device clean

You will always find this advice in any article on ways to update performance. Want a powerful PC? You have to keep it clean. Simply keeping your device clean and free of dust and dirt, helps to keep it cool or for the sake of keeping its temperature in the normal space, which necessarily leads to the computer presenting its best.

Get rid of unnecessary apps and startup apps

One of the most annoying things ever, at least for me personally, is the computer operation. Sometimes you need to turn on your computer to start working or to send or receive an important message, and then you are surprised by the slow operation of the process, and also after the computer accesses the desktop window, you may find yourself having to go to make a cup of coffee until your computer decides to run all Programs that appear to you when running. By the way, these programs are called Startup Program, which you can eliminate from their appearance in the beginning to speed up the operation of the device.

To do this, go to the Settings menu, then Apps, and then go to Startup. There you will find all the applications that run when the computer starts. Turn off those that you are not using.

app re-launch

There is a new feature in the Windows 10 operating system that many may not do called app re-launch, which restarts applications at the last recorded point in the event of a restart of the computer or after updating the operating system. Simply go to the Settings menu and then go to Sign-in options, and then go to the Privacy menu, which you will find at the bottom of which you will find two options, deactivate the second option “Use my sign-in info to automatically finish setting up my device and reopen my apps after an upgrade or restart ”.

Close apps in the background and get rid of those you don’t need

In the event that you do not want to get rid of some of the applications that you have and you only want to get rid of the load that they impose on the computer so that you can only run them when needed, go to the Settings menu and then Privacy and then Background apps from which you can select either to close the applications that are Run in the background entirely from the option above, or you only get rid of some apps that you choose from the list in front of you.

It is worth noting that this feature works on applications in the Microsoft Store only, while the rest of the applications will need to be manually modified.

Getting rid of applications that you do not use is also one of the important things that greatly contribute to increasing the speed of your computer greatly. So feel free to get rid of old apps that you don’t run, and I don’t think the method is new to anyone.

Get rid of old and lower-quality apps

There are some outdated apps and poor quality apps that drastically affect the performance and consume a large amount of your resources. Which, in fact, has the fastest and most reliable alternative, you can search for applications before installing them to make sure that they do not affect performance or even search for faster and lighter alternatives on your computer.

Provide enough hard disk space

One of the most important reasons that affect your computer’s performance greatly is the space on the hard disk. This refers to the remaining free space, whether you are using an HDD or SSD storage. This problem usually appears when the free hard disk space starts to drop below 30% of the total disk or volume space.

Make defragmentation

The defragmentation tool is one of the tools that many people neglect and do not pay much attention to despite its importance. Enter the Setting option, then System, and then Storage, there you will find the More storage settings menu, under which you will find the Optimize Drives option, click on it.

After that, you will find in front of you a group of the Partitions that you own, such as C, D, etc., select the disk or partition on which you want to apply the defragmentation process, and then click from the bottom right on the Optimize button.

ReadyBoost enabled


One of the most effective steps in case you own an old computer is the ReadyBoost feature, especially if you do not have one of these high-speed SSD storage devices. This feature takes advantage of secondary storage units such as Flash Drive or SD Card phone memory to work as a supportive flash memory for your storage (so if you own an SSD unit, you do not need this technology that works almost the same principle), this The feature has been around for a while but I don’t think many are using it primarily.

In any case, the matter is very simple, you just need to connect your memory unit, whether it is a flash memory or an SD card, into the computer and then perform the following steps. Then launch the file browser File Explorer, and then go to This PC, after that a list of connected devices or disks will appear. Select your flash memory as in the picture by clicking on the right mouse button on it and then go to Properties or Properties.

After that, a group of small windows will appear in front of you, select the ReadyBoost window. After that, choose Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost from the set of options that will appear in front of you, then click on Apply or Execute to execute the operation and then OK to finish. It is worth noting that this feature does not work with all flash units, which is something that you will know while doing the same process, in case the memory does not support the feature, the operating system will tell you so.

Here ends this first part of your guide to getting better performance with your old computer

In fact, these simple steps, along with the ones I’m going to put into the feed will help you push your old computer to get better performance, at least for now.

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