From now on, don’t buy the physical copies of any upcoming games

I know it sounds crazy as if I lost my mind because the tablets are all in all for a good segment of players, but today’s article aims to warn you of a trend that has started to spread terribly recently, especially with games that will depend on a free upgrade from the current generation to the next generation and this is The focus of my conversation is really, but I may also talk in one way or another about the advantages and disadvantages of each principle, whether it is digital or physical. As for my personal opinion, my goal is not to convince you of digital or even physical copies alone because I personally use the two, let us just relax and understand.
physical copie

You have to prepare because we are entering an era without game discs

Yes, this is the trend that most companies are currently seeking in the games industry, which is the digital trend at the expense of the physical approach without putting games inside tablets, this matter will soon be forgotten, which is the point that many companies try to pay players towards at any price despite its fatal flaws. But we must admit that the digital trend is now the most popular and it seems that companies have started noticing that it is the future or that it will benefit their sales in one way or another, and this talk is supported by numbers, my friend, and not just theories, and we know the reason well ..

Corona virus has proven that our next approach will be digital

Due to domestic isolation and the lack of commercial movement, the issues of distributing physical copies of games and their travel across the world to their last place in the stores were not easy during the recent period, but rather difficult and cleared up, even if the shipping and distribution chain was good and was not affected, so the shops did not find anyone who would buy those physical copies. Because everyone was isolated at home and had to buy games digitally in order to enjoy their time and spend time, and you can tell what happened after that.

The percentage of games sales from digital copies has literally reached fabulous numbers. For example, Sony found in its latest financial report that 75% of sales of its exclusives and games came in digital form without the physical during the period between March and June, which was considered by many companies as an important alarm bell for the digital trend It was not as bad as they expected, but 75% of the players’ segment is using it, not to mention that it is much more economical for any company to become a preoccupation in the gaming industry now and I will explain why later.


Why are digital copies currently the safest for any game, especially if it is coming to the next generation, and where exactly is the trick

Simply because I was surprised that IO Interactive would provide us with a free upgrade to the next generation for its HITMAN 3 game already if I bought it on the old generation, but this upgrade will be special or it will only include digital copies of the game and the problem is that the matter was written between the lines in a somewhat vague way that you do not understand. Really support the physical copy or not? But what was clear to me was the extent of their persistence and support for digital copies, and of course a preference like this would make many turn to the digital form of HITMAN 3 instead of its copy as a disk.


And you may say to me: “But it could be that they intended to put the game disc on the PS4, for example, inside the PS5 to work, but this was very intuitive, they did not mention it.” You may be right, but the position of the physical copies of many games that support a free upgrade to the next generation is still very, very vague. And it is not confirmed whether 75% of those titles will physically support the free upgrade by simply placing the disc in the platform or not, unlike the digital ones !!!

If this is the case, then do as EA did with FIFA 21, which is one of the titles that is sure to support the next-generation free upgrade for physical and digital copies in a normal way. EA says that you have to put the PS4 disc inside the PS5 platform and download an update to finish the matter, as for the rest, their fate is unknown, Bottom line: “Right now !! Unfortunately, digital copies are the safest, at least in the transition period to the next generation. ”

I can also confirm that Marvel’s Avengers, which is the closest upcoming game for the current and future generation, will support the two versions in their upgrade for free, and this is a good thing, but without that, the explanation is not in the way that satisfies me personally as a consumer so the risk is difficult, in general and all I ask of you is not to rush in the purchase decision, think Forward with all the upcoming titles that you want to play for free on the next generation, or try to read in detail about the position of each game because many companies put this matter between the lines and believe me, I am not here to defend any version of them because digital copies are a nightmare for us as Arabs because The capacity of the packages, which does not allow downloading about 90GB or 60GB as an average for each game now, my goal is to ring the alarm for things you may not realize and nothing more than instead of paying twice for the same game to play it on two different generations.

Marvel's Avengers

But why do companies push digital copies like this?

The answer is easy and this is for the sake of saving, of course. If a large segment of players use digital copies, there is no need for every company such as Sony or Xbox to incur the trouble of putting the data of each game on a disk and then packaging it and then shipping it through shipping, distribution and travel companies to countries of the world only to reach the interface of any store Commercial, it can now save on itself all the hassle and logistical expenses, but the most beautiful thing is that sales of all games will come through its official store, whether Sony or Microsoft Store, without the need for a third party or intermediary such as the commercial store to connect it to the consumer, now the consumer is the one who will come to him through his store Which makes the net profit completely for the company which is another important point.

Well, I understood the position of the games and their versions, but, will the same apply for the upcoming home consoles ?

Dear reader, if you asked about this matter, I am really happy because it is a very important question that reveals a major trick that the largest companies do in promoting digital platforms that do not have a CD player like the regular version of them, and I will explain to you ..


What will happen is the following, Sony and Xbox will release digital next-generation platforms only, and we already know this because of PS5 Digital, which has been officially unveiled and may be accompanied by the Xbox Series S, which is rumored to be digital as well, and as a result of this trend, these two platforms will be much cheaper From the regular PS5 or Xbox Series X due to the lack of a disc player, which means that both companies will be able to significantly reduce the price of their platforms to lure players towards them and towards an implicit trap, wherein the price will be very, very attractive for some, but players will forget something very important.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach?

Let me answer you, and the final decision is up to you.

physical copies:


  • Not having to download the entire game size, which may reach 100GB in some titles.
  • Ease of use, just insert the disc and play.
  • Nice interface and decoration for fans of physically owning things.


  • You will have to download the rest of the game files digitally, as the CD does not guarantee everything for you at this time.
  • The possibility of damage when exposed to scratches with the possibility of exposure to some accidents.
  • It takes up some space in your room if you have a lot of games, some like to have their things in one place, such as the PS4 digital library, for example, and some do not like the materials.
  • More expensive than digital copies due to the logistical conditions it went through in terms of packaging and shipping

physical copies

Digital copies:


  • Ensure that your game is not subject to any accident that might damage it.
  • Easier and easier to use than inserting the disc, just click Start.
  • A copy that you will link to your account information to find on any platform if you access the same information later.
  • Cheaper than physical copies of course (depends on your country’s dealer).
  • It guarantees you the cheapest version of the next generation, whether PS5 Digital or Xbox, and we are talking about a difference of $ 50, for example.
  • You will not be affected much if the disc drive crashes, which is very likely right now


  • A nightmare, especially with the Internet’s capacity system and its dependence on its speed to download game files, which may take days, which is a very strong negative.
  • Possession fanatic will not appeal due to the perceptible lack of sense of the game.
  • You will need external storage to put more games on your device, which means an additional cost.

Digital copies

The problem of package capacity and digital copies causes us in the Arab world a great crisis, especially since Internet speeds do not give you a fast and steady return for downloading game data in a large size, and I understand that and I suffer from it in the first place, but it remains the future means that the world sees, so you have to prepare, if you ask me about My opinion, personally, the digital copies are a nightmare for us, but in the end I deal with both according to personal data such as price, my package capacity and the size of the game. It is all up to you as you will spend it in the end to choose the method that makes you more comfortable with the games.

In general, this copying problem will last for one year only until the support for the last generation games ends with a free upgrade and until the next generation settles in the market, and from here you can buy whatever physical copies you want, bearing in mind that you may lose rewards or early access to something and other methods that the developers are currently using To encourage players towards the digital trend.


The goal of this article is not to promote or entice you with the digital version without the physical, and the meaning of the article’s title is not to force yourself to the digital version, but I consider this article an important advice so that you do not bemoan your purchase of a game without knowing that its physical version will not be supported with the next generation. An invitation to slow down and think about the dimensions of your decisions, especially if they are interspersed with the next generation platforms of all kinds, and a more important invitation to read the details of supporting each game for the new generation, carefully with the assurance that unfortunately: the most unfortunate trend in the future will be the inevitable trend in the future, and I will not talk about the outcome of that with stores such as Amazon, Gamestop and others Because the topic is very deep and includes a lot of data.

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