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Huawei is preparing to announce its new version of the WATCH GT 2 PRO smart watch

The Chinese giant, Huawei, is preparing to launch a new version of the smart watch entitled WATCH GT 2 PRO in the coming period, as the smartwatch has already been approved by various parties in preparation for the official announcement.

The Watch GT 2 Pro smartwatch was spotted in several directions after its official approval, where the smart watch appears with model number VID-B19, and some of the smartwatch specifications were also revealed.


Huawei has adopted wireless charging technology in the smart watch model number CP80-1, and Huawei also offers the new version of the smart watch with a capacity of 455 mAh battery, which is the same battery capacity provided by Huawei in the current Watch GT 2, where the leaks indicate that the new version comes Some limited improvements from the current version, and the charger also features a USB C port with a charging capacity of 10W.


Some leaks indicate that Huawei has recently adopted EEC technology in both the Watch GT2 Pro and Honor Watch GS Pro, and Huawei is expected to unveil the new versions soon.

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