Ways to prevent phone heat

The high temperature of the phone is completely unpleasant because of its danger to the phone itself in the beginning and to you and those around you Secondly, some phones are hotter than others and this is due to the brand and its reputation in terms of manufacturing devices in the technical milieu, but it is also normal to have many From the internal and external factors contribute to the increase in the phone temperature.

Sometimes the company and manufacturing defects may not be the direct reason behind the high temperature of the phone, but rather some wrong uses by the user himself, so in this article we will try to discuss these reasons and variables and work to provide a package of useful methods and tips to help keep your phone away from heat as much as possible To avoid damage.

Factors that heat up the phone

The internal temperature of your phone depends on the temperature of the surrounding environment, if your phone is very hot it may face issues such as battery drain, forced shutdown and even complete collapse (your phone’s CPU is able to melt if it reaches extreme temperatures), there is also a possibility that it will not be reset Turn on your phone if it has to shut down due to overheating.

There are many reasons that cause the phone to overheat (we discussed 5 reasons with you previously) that are not related to the high outside temperature and many of them revolve around the battery, you may have a large group of applications that run in the background and consume a large amount of battery power, which may lead To be depleted quickly and as a result of your phone heating up.

The other problem can also be how frequently you use your phone, if you use your phone constantly, the battery of your phone works for an extra time, which raises the temperature of your phone, or you may leave your phone on charging even after it reaches 100%, which is another problem of course, because Overcharging your device can cause overheating.

Available methods and tips for preventing heat

  • Avoid direct sunlight: The easiest way to prevent overheating is to keep your phone away from the sun’s rays. Your phone picks up light and heat from the sun and keeps them and gets hotter whenever it remains in sunlight and heat, so it is almost obvious not to leave the phone in the sunlight.
  • Stop unused apps: Unused apps that run in the background lead to your phone working harder, which in turn causes it to overheat. The solution is very simple. Just close the apps that are running in the background. This also increases the phone’s battery life.
  • Avoid turning up screen brightness: Just like running background apps, raising the brightness level will force the battery to work harder and generate more heat, instead look for an anti-glare cover for your device, this low-cost solution can help you see your screen in the sun .
  • Switch your phone to airplane mode: Airplane mode allows you to continue to use the basic functions on your phone, but it turns off other unnecessary elements that can negatively affect your battery, if you do not use the network and do not send or receive any SMS messages. This suggestion.
  • Charge the battery only up to 80%: As we mentioned at the beginning of the article only, the reason for the high temperature is leaving the device on charging even after its completion. If you put the phone on charging before going to sleep and you cannot wake up to unplug it, just put it in a cool and flat place, although An 80% charge will be better for the device and its battery life, as experts advise and check the charging cable every once in a while.
  • Keep the applications updated: Whatever device you use Android or iPhone, be sure to update the system and its applications and applications that you use frequently from time to time, so that many updates include bug fixes that can improve the efficiency of your phone, which means that it will consume less power from your device.
  • Do not store applications: Delete and disable functions and applications that you do not use, this also includes turning off notifications, stopping applications running in the background, disabling location services, Bluetooth, synchronization, and other unused features and applications that burden your device an additional burden.

Cooling down the device in case of overheating

  • Keep your phone away from other devices: Stacking your phone, tablet and computer together in a bag makes them more vulnerable to overheating. Help them keep their cool by keeping them separate.
  • Remove the protection cover: If you notice a significant increase in the phone temperature, it is necessary to remove the protection error that you put on your phone, to work this naturally by allowing your phone to cool down faster.
  • Ventilate your phone: Ventilating the phone greatly helps in lowering its temperature, so it can be placed near any fan or air conditioner to help the breeze cool the phone quickly.
  • Disconnect your phone for a period of time: Turning off the device permanently can reduce the problem of the phone overheating, to calm the hardware parts of the device and stop working until the temperature drops.
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes: We advised in the previous step to ventilate the device, but not to put it in the refrigerator! Because that could put it at risk of accumulating moisture and thus other unnecessary problems.

Let us, in conclusion of this article, have talked about the reasons that lead smart devices to overheat, so knowing the reasons may help to avoid them as much as possible, so that we will then talk about a set of methods and tips that should be followed to get rid of the problem of overheating and maintain it, up to some emergency steps finally If the device overheats abnormally.

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