Helpful tips to make your printer ink last longer  


Printers are very useful devices, whether for individual users or institutions and companies, and that is why the specialized authorities in the manufacture of printers make a lot of efforts to develop and improve printers so that they are fast and accurate in printing, in addition to their long-term durability without requiring maintenance. Some of the problems in the printer are many, the most prominent of which is the rapid depletion of ink from the printer, which costs some effort and money to refill ink in the printer. Fortunately, there are many methods and tips that have proven effective in preserving ink for a longer period, and these methods are easy to use, and below we offer you the best advice for individuals and companies to make the printer ink order last longer, as well as maintain the printer generally.

Use high quality paper

One of the very important things to keep the printer from damage is the use of high-quality paper, and this is not only useful for saving ink, but also useful for the printer in general, so when you use good paper, you will not suffer from paper jams in the printer, and the high-quality paper does not affect the ink cartridges. Or print heads, as for ink, poor paper may be a waste of ink as it does not stick well to it, unlike good paper, which ensures that the ink adheres to the paper well and the speech appears clearly.

Use good ink cartridges

Many people are keen to buy cartridges or ink from the stores that provide them at cheap prices, but in fact this affects the printer very negatively and may reduce its life span. In general, it is good for the various parts of the printer and the printing components to be of high quality. This will make the printer last longer and do not require much maintenance. When using poor ink cartridges, this may lead to ink leakage and rapid wear, so be sure to purchase printer cartridges, as well as ink if possible, from the printer manufacturers themselves. Combining this with high-quality paper will make your printer last longer and print more efficiently.

Set short time in standby mode

Most printers have a mode known as standby mode, also known as sleep mode, and this mode is very useful to preserve the life of the printer and protect its internal parts from damage. The standby mode in the printer can be likened to a screen saver in the screen, which works to protect it from damage, and the standby mode stops the access of power to the printer, but it is ready for the printing process at any time, and it is better to use less time for the ready mode and the intended The time here is the time period (from inactivity) after which the printer enters standby mode, and you can set it after five minutes, for example, as this is useful for preserving the printer and its internal parts.

Maintenance of the printer periodically

Regular maintenance achieves two very important benefits for the printer, the first and well-known benefit, which is that regular maintenance will clean the printer and make sure that the firmware is updated and so on. The second benefit is solving recurring problems or unclear problems that may lead to bigger problems in the future. Maintenance Quickly troubleshoot such problems to keep your printer longer.

Follow up the printing process in the company

The previous advice is directed at individuals or companies, but we remind you of some advice directed to companies only or work offices and not to individuals, as in these places there are many people or employees who use the printer, and for this you must follow them constantly and know the things that need to be printed and things Other not important, for example when printing a new brochure in the company, it is important to develop an organized plan to finish the work with the distribution of tasks well, this would make every employee aware of what he is doing this in addition to making the most of the printer with minimal use.

Staff training on how to use the printer

Remember when you were just getting started with a printer? Do you remember those problems that you were facing and the mistakes that you were doing that required reprinting the paper again, this may be the case of some employees or people who use the printer in your office and this is why it is good to train the employees on the printer settings and how to print correctly and avoid Errors that lead to many problems, and this would lead to better use of the printer and increase its life span.

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