Simple ways to protect your iPhone from the summer heat

Summer can be incredibly hot, not only on us, but the intense heat can damage iPhone devices and even damage the internal components, which include the battery and parts of the device’s screen, and although iPhones shut down as a preventive measure to protect from high temperatures, this will not It prevents major problems for your device, such as destroying the iPhone’s battery, and this is the least of the problems you will encounter, and for this we will tell you in the following lines some methods that work to prevent the summer heat from damaging your iPhone.

AirPlane flight mode

It can be said that AirPlane AirPlane mode is very important in eliminating the overheating of your iPhone device, and you can activate it directly via your control panel and by activating it, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular data connections will be turned off and those things work to drain the iPhone battery as well. Constant source of heat generation, so every time you are not connected to the Internet or do not want to use the device, turn on AirPlane flight mode.

Running games

Many users are constantly playing their favorite games on iPhone devices and those games have become more powerful and this means devouring the device’s resources and then generating heat on the iPhone in addition to the intense summer heat and thus destroying the battery or possibly damaging your device, so you need to run your games in a place with air conditioning or in In the open air, or play games intermittently, until the iPhone runs low.

Device case

Cases are a good thing for smartphones, but there is a serious flaw in them which is preventing heat dissipation as it works to prevent the iPhone from getting cold when the temperature rises, and for this you need to remove the case when your device gets too hot or you may switch to specially designed cases to dissipate heat and ventilate the iPhone. Your.

Close applications

When you have applications open on the iPhone device, some of them work on all the data in the background, and among those applications that do this is Facebook and the Maps application, and this activity results in unnecessary heat that may damage the internal components of the device with the high temperatures in the summer, and the best solution By closing those applications and making sure that they are not running in the background.

Leave the iPhone indoors

Some users put their devices in the car and this is unacceptable because iPhones should not be stored or placed in places with high temperatures or in places where there is no opportunity to cool down and leaving the device in places with high temperatures means that the iPhone or even the battery is destroyed, so avoid Leave the iPhone in the car, in a bag, box, or even under the pillow before you sleep, and do not forget to keep your device in a cool place during the charging process because it causes high temperatures.

Put iPhone with other devices

We often put our phones on other devices, such as placing the iPhone over the Mac, and what not many knows is that all devices generate heat even after turning them off because it takes a while for the heat to drop, and of course placing the iPhone with other devices will share the heat The resulting heat from each device will therefore be difficult for the iPhone to dissipate that heat, so try to make your devices as far away from each other as possible in order to preserve them and prevent overheating and then damage them.

Keep iPhone out of the sun

Reduce your use of the iPhone when you are in the sun, especially in beaches or swimming pools, as the intense heat caused by exposure to the sun causes the device to heat up and may turn off by itself, and when this step occurs, immediately turn off the iPhone for a period until it cools down and beware of placing the device in The refrigerator or freezer, as some think it is a good idea to prevent the iPhone from overheating, but cold temperatures can damage the battery, and rapid temperature fluctuations can aggravate problems in your device and damage internal components.

Finally, these were some of the methods that will prevent the iPhone from overheating, protect your device, and prevent damage to the battery or internal components.

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