Think about these things when you first purchase a computer case

Whether you look at the computer case as a valuable masterpiece in your room, or you look at it as a mere metal box that is only necessary to embrace and not include all hardware components, the necessity of choosing the appropriate computer case is one of the most important priorities that you should address carefully and very carefully . Many hardware components and hardware such as the motherboard, processor cooler, storage disks, power supplies and graphics cards come in different sizes and measurements from each other, and this in turn imposes the importance of choosing the correct computer case after looking at its size and measurements so that you can install the parts and components inside. Not to mention the set of ports and openings provided by the box, which should be identical to the number of your accessories and peripheral accessories.

You may notice during the past years that computer boxes are no longer just metal boxes needed to install hardware components, but they have begun to come with high-quality designs and different structures in the form of their structures, which sometimes come in the form of racing cars, strange animals, “Alien”, or refrigerators to give the user an impression. The extent of its strength in the cooling system and its ability to preserve valuable hardware components and help them work at low temperatures. It began to be characterized by vast interior spaces that contain high-quality metal materials and have a quiet sound and support huge air cooling methods and an integrated and modified cooling system.

Until very recently, we did not think that we would one day see it with transparent glass panels and bright RGB lights, finally appearing in these surprisingly aesthetic and surprising shapes inside the rooms of some players and stylish decorators. In fact, it is possible to get happiness and psychological comfort just by purchasing an elegant computer case, provided that it fits all your requirements. Now, what is your opinion, to clarify some basic points that help you choose the best cyst that achieves the best model equation for you, combining the importance of the necessary specifications that should be exhibited and the price that does not cause a large financial burden on you.

EATX, ATX and ITX measurements

In the first place and foremost is the cystometry factor, it is imperative that it fit the motherboard that you are planning to purchase, especially since there is more than one size for the motherboard. Computer cases come in three different sizes: Full-Tower, Mid-Tower and Mini-Tower.

The most used boxes are the mid-tower boxes, where they reach a height of 18 inches at their best, which means that they are very close to some boxes of the full tower, but their width is only 8 inches. It has most standard ATX motherboards, so with medium tower boxes you will not have any difficulty installing any motherboard – the only exception is that there are some motherboards that come in larger EATX sizes and only full tower boxes fit them – you will find in medium height towers a good space In order to install a good number of 2.5inch or 3.5inch mechanical hard drives, it always allows the ability to install more than one graphic card and supports some sizes of water and air coolers.

The Full-Tower boxes are less common, but they are a typical solution in all cases, so even if you are planning to buy an ATX motherboard or smaller one, there is nothing stopping you from purchasing a Full-Tower box, on the contrary, you will find that the remaining workspace Inside the box is very plentiful and spacious enough to give you greater flexibility and comfort while installing parts and organizing cables very easily. But if you are thinking of purchasing an E-ATX motherboard, then you really have to. The complete towers are characterized by their support for all cooling systems, “Air Cooling, Liquid Cooling or Custom Cooling”, in addition to that, they allow the possibility of installing the longest graphics cards without making you have to the expense of the dimensions and dimensions. Sometimes it is unique in the ability to increase the number of fans and install them in several different places, whether those fans measure 120 mm or 140 mm.

As for the Mini-Tower boxes, they are a bit complicated, but they are suitable for a large group of users who are looking for the best economical solutions to save money in order to purchase remaining hardware or peripheral accessories such as keyboard and mouse. These boxes only fit for mini-iTX motherboards, but sometimes they also support Micro-ATX boards. If you choose well for the Mini-Tower box, you may be surprised by its elegant shape and attractive appearance, but at the same time this box is suitable for small offices and narrow spaces, and in this way you can leave it behind your screen or under the desk and you will not even notice its presence.

On the negative side, however, you will discover that it is not able to support all graphics cards, especially long cards with three fans. Sure, you don’t expect the ability to install huge air coolers, but some allow integrated water coolers. Sometimes it is economical and economical in its price and achieves a great equation through its beautiful and simple shape, especially if you are not among the users eager to change computer parts from time to time.

Note: It is necessary to know the measurements of hardware components and hardware through its official pages and make sure that these measurements are supported in length, width and height with the case measurements that you provide for those components in order to be able to install them properly, it is possible for a small tower box to provide space for the installation of a large air cooler that the box cannot Mid-Tower can give him that space. It is always necessary to calculate the dimensions especially with medium and small tower boxes and hardware components such as coolers, graphics cards, and power supplies.

Regardless of the measurements, there are many advantages and specifications that computer boxes have according to the price category to which they belong. The logic is “the more money you pay, the more features and specifications will be obtained.” Therefore, we recommend that you do not skimp on the computer box if you are waiting for it. Much more, it is always a constant in front of your eyes and an essential part of your theater. For example, we always strive to choose the box that contains the largest number of storage disc containers, especially the 3.5-inch mechanical disks, because the larger number will help you easily upgrade in the future and increase your storage space without switching disks or disposing of one of them.

In many cases, you will notice that the box does not contain the optical disk, although it is considered one of the problems facing some users, but this matter plays in favor of the temperature of the components and internal parts and allows the ability to install a larger number of front fans to achieve better cooling and air flow. Sometimes you may prefer to install the radiator for the radiator in the facade instead of installing the top of the ceiling, as some believe that this method allows for a more efficient airflow in being able to expel the hot air better, especially since the density of hot air is lighter compared to the density of cold air, and thus its rise to The top and then kick him out of the box is one of the positive attempts that we seek sometimes.

Design and structure

Some boxes no longer require loosening and installing the screws for many components, for example in the middle and upper price category boxes you will find the ability to pull the USB flash drive containers from the cracks or install them again very easily without the trouble of loosening and installing the screws. In the economic class boxes, you will find some slots that allow you to pass the cables next to the motherboard, but in the middle and upper class boxes, you will find these slots and rubber rings to pass the cables through them in a smooth manner and arrange them better, as you will find on the back side some connection points or Wire covers that help to organize cables, keep them clean, and hide them professionally.

All case boxes contain a set of front ports and openings, economy class boxes come with at least two USB Type-A ports with a 3.5mm headphone jack, but it is always better to install the headphone into the audio card socket located on the I / O chip at the back of the box. If you have many peripheral supplies, the box must contain a larger number of front ports, and you should definitely look for at least one USB-C port in order to charge the phone or transfer data at speeds higher than storage units, you will find the upper category boxes And some mid-range boxes have built-in controllers to adjust the RGB lighting system inside the box or to control the speed of operation of the fans.

Speaking of ventilation fans, computer boxes come with at least one front fan to help draw the cold air out of the box with a back fan to expel hot air, and in this way, you get a positive airflow. You may notice in some funds that they give up the front fan to reduce the selling price when buying, so you will need to buy a front fan, preferably 140 mm, unless you plan to install a radiator coolant in the front end. The more fans you have, the better temperatures you get, even if you do not notice a tangible result in the programs and tools to clarify the temperature, but the presence of more fans definitely helps to cool the parts and hardware and draw the hot air in the surrounding atmosphere so as not to suffocate from too much Being around.

You will notice in some elegant computer box designs that they contain glass or metal panels of aluminum even on the front end, although these designs are attractive in shape and elegant in appearance, but they block and block cold air and prevent it from entering the parts of the box, and therefore not all structural designs The attraction should have a high cooling efficiency, so the front end should be carefully designed and have a high-quality engineering and structural design to enable the flow of cold air to the components, and this is what can be easily known only after watching and reviewing the box reviews through YouTube or the sites specialized in reviews Computer boxes.

On the other hand, you find some boxes that contain thin metal grids in the front end that allow the installation of three fans to draw cold air from the outside to the internal parts and components .. Perhaps these are the best computer boxes, especially in rooms that contain an air conditioner, though. You may suffer from it sometimes due to the large amount of dust and dirt that accumulates on this network, and it needs to be cleaned every now and then, especially if the computer room contains a balcony on main streets.

Dust filters are one of the most important things necessary to preserve hardware components, especially if your room is exposed to dust a lot or has a pet with abundant hair. Dust filters keep ingredients from heavy dirt, pet hair, and sticky tobacco dust, and prevent them from reaching the fans. In all cases, you will have to clean the filters from time to time, so that heavy and humid dust does not accumulate on the fans, which causes the speed of the ventilation fans to be inhibited. Fortunately some filters come with a high-quality design that does not allow much dust to enter.

The sound factor is one of the influencing and important factors when choosing a fund, and this is what you will know through the reviews as well. Some boxes come in good materials that help suppress sound and block it from outside, although these boxes cause overheating due to the insufficient number of fans or the tightly closed design that blocks the passage of air to the components, but it may come with a large fan in The front and back only work at low speeds to be quiet, and in this way it is trying to achieve a balanced equation between performance, sound and temperature.

Almost all Mid-Tower boxes provide support for the installation of integrated water coolers by providing sufficient space for the radiator, provided that the length does not exceed 240mm. Mostly you will be able to install the coolant in the ceiling of the box, sometimes you can install it on the front end, but this category of boxes has prices that are a little higher than the normal price range for the Mid-Tower category. So if you are planning overclocking and considering purchasing a 360mm Predator cooler or considering modified cooling it is best to go for a Full-Tower box.

It has become easy to buy a middle-class box with glass doors, although these doors give a wonderful aesthetic impression to display the internal lights of the hardware components, but they come at the expense of cooling and temperature factors, so it is better for the computer room to be cold with a low temperature, as You should handle these doors very carefully, as they can crack and crack very easily.

The look and feel of the box

The shape of the box and its colors should be optional factors according to your personal preference and taste, so make sure that you choose a box with an elegant shape and structure that gives you an aesthetic impression that suggests comfort and strength when looking at it … especially if you plan to place it on the desk and install it in front of your eyes at all times to enjoy the RGB lights. All manufacturing companies add on the official pages of the boxes a set of pictures that show the shape and appearance of the box from various angles, in addition to that you can see reviews on YouTube to make sure how the box looks in its nature during operation, so there is no excuse for you if you choose an ugly box with A dark look then causes you to feel bored and bored when you look at him.

The box specifications depend on the price category to which it belongs, the form factor is a necessary factor, yes, but it is necessary to address the specifications that suit your needs and the requirements of your components as well. Some bags come with a large number of ventilation fans, while others try to focus on the calm factor and leave you free to install an additional number of fans, choose what suits you best from among them. Most computer cases have begun to abandon 5.25inch optical discs to provide more efficient cooling and airflow, and you have to get used to this. In the middle price category, you will be able to find a box that supports air and water coolers without a problem.

If you are looking for better shape and specifications, greater freedom and quality of material, then go only towards full towers, this category of funds provides greater support for hardware and allows through its large area the freedom to deal with hardware parts and components without restrictions, if you want the best performance look for aluminum material because Its advantage in absorbing heat more efficiently. If the attractive shape is one of the basic things and you seek to attract the attention of your friends, you should think about the glass panels, provided that they are of the category that is easy to deal with in installation and disassembly, remember to deal with them freely and very carefully, as they are subject to break very easily. Cooling efficiency is one of the most important factors that should be decided with pause, the quiet sound will help you focus while you do your job if you are not thinking of using headphones.

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