Qualcomm is working on wireless audio technology

Qualcomm has started working on developing wireless audio technology through the new “Snapdragon Sound” standards that aim to upgrade the quality of wireless audio in headphones to simulate the distinctive sound quality of wired headphones.

Many headphone manufacturers have shifted to focus on wireless headphones, which are already attracting a large base of users in the world, and within the framework of developing audio technology in this category of headphones, Qualcomm has begun working on new standards that will upgrade the quality of acoustics in wireless headphones.

James Chapman of Qualcomm confirmed that the new Snapdragon Sound standards aim to access wireless devices to the highest level of quality and accuracy in acoustics, while supporting the user with a design that provides a comfortable experience for this category of headphones at the same time.

Also, Snapdragon Sound technology standards are set to take advantage of the upgrade in device processors, and the standards are also integrated with the new upgrade in Bluetooth technology provided by Qualcomm, which reduces connection time by 45% compared to competitors, with an upgrade in audio to 24-bit 96 kilo Hz.

Xiaomi was one of the first companies to have already partnered with Qualcomm to use Snapdragon Sound technology standards in a new device from the company, and Audio-Technica confirmed the start of a partnership with Qualcomm to use the new standards in future versions.

It is noteworthy that the standards “Snapdragon Sound” were developed to support users with the highest accuracy and quality in audio at the capacity of 32kHz in wireless devices, while reducing energy consumption in these devices when using the feature of active noise cancellation, or the digital assistant.


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