Qualcomm launches the second generation of laptop processors

Qualcomm announced a new generation of Snapdragon 7c laptop processors, nearly two years after the launch of the first generation.

Qualcomm had revealed in 2019 the Snapdragon 7c and Snapdragon 8c processors for devices running Windows 10 and Chromebook, which often carry basic specifications for regular tasks and provide them for companies that do not want to add Intel or AMD processors.

The Snapdragon 7c processor comes with a speed of 2.55 GHz, and the company says that it provides about 10% more speed than the processors in the same class of competitors, as well as the battery consumption by about half with the competing processors.

The processing chip carries with it the Adreno 618 graphics processor, along with the X15 LTE modem, which provides a download speed of up to 800 Mbps.

It is expected that the devices carrying the new processor will arrive in the summer of this year, and the beginning will be with Lenovo laptops, according to Qualcomm.

In addition to announcing the processor chip, Qualcomm has revealed its cooperation with Microsoft on the Snapdragon Developer Kit aimed at developers, and aims to help developers take advantage of Windows 10 on devices operating with its processors to the maximum.

Qualcomm processors work based on ARM technologies, which is the case with the Apple Silicon M1 processors, but with differences in development and target devices, especially since Apple develops processors for its devices and seeks compatibility between system and processor capabilities, while Qualcomm provides its processors for devices from other companies with an operating system from a third party Which made it collaborate on developing the Snapdragon Developer Kit to take advantage of the system’s capabilities and help developers and manufacturers to do so.


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