Important tips for raising FPS in games

Today we will have a talk about explaining how to raise fps in games, especially if you suffer from some problems while playing games on your laptop, where the higher the fps rate, the better and stronger the gaming experience from the start. However, if you want to improve frames per second or fps, you have to make a lot of changes to your laptop, and here are 10 ways to increase and raise frame rates (FPS) in games on the device.


What is fps

In short, the number of frames per second or fps is a metric used to determine how smoothly video games perform on the device, and it is also used in videos but we will only talk about games here. We will give an example to understand more what is fps, think of this as a slide show of images on the device, all the pictures or frames contain drawings on which each individual action of the character is shown, so if the slide show of pictures shows 10 frames per second, it moves at a rate of 10 frames per second. The second and the same goes for showing 50 frames per second. Hence, the more frames appear every second, the better the gaming performance. Therefore, the low fps count will negatively affect the gaming experience because everything will start to lack motion.

How to increase FPS in laptop

Low FPS can be very annoying and can render games unplayable and make gaming experience not enjoyable at all. But at the same time there are several methods on how to improve FPS on a laptop computer.

1: Increase laptop RAM

laptop RAM

This is one of the most common ways on how to improve and increase FPS in your computer! Yes, increasing the amount of RAM present on a computer can help improve FPS because a large amount of RAM can help the CPU to process large tasks faster. Knowing, the increase in FPS will not be significant unless you combine it with other methods, except that it can make your laptop games run faster.

2: Update definitions

With the exception of Nvidia graphics driver drivers, updating your drivers can help improve the FPS in games. Knowing, the reason why Nvidia drivers are not updated is because the program reduces the performance of your video card, and NVIDIA slows down performance in new drivers. Overall, if you are an AMD user or an Intel user, you should definitely download the latest drivers to boost your gaming laptop’s performance.

3: Reduce the screen resolution

Yeah ! Reducing the resolution can have a huge positive effect on FPS, the higher the resolution, the more pixels, the more work that forces the CPU and GPU to process the more information. But if you lower the resolution there will be less information to process, and the smaller the amount of information, the faster the CPU and GPU will process the information, which makes playing games easier.

4: Change the video game settings

video game settings

Lowering your game settings can lead to more frames per second, and adjusting the graphics quality to the lowest settings in games can increase the number of frames per second. Yeah ! It may not sound very high or average quality, but your number of frame rates will definitely improve and you will get used to it.

5: Clean up your computer

Clean up computer

Dust may cause the laptop to overheat, which may lead to heat throttling, and thermal throttling occurs when the laptop becomes too hot to be turned off or reduces the performance of the CPU next to the GPU until it can cool down. Hence, you must make sure that the laptop is clean and free of dust so that thermal suffocation does not occur, and you must also expose the computer to air.

6: Overclocking

In the event that you are a seasoned gamer or know what to do, you should overclock it which is a good way of how to get better fps. Knowing, overclocking your CPU, GPU, or RAM can lead to the problem and risk of your laptop overheating, so, make sure that your laptop has a very good cooling system.

7: Install Razer Cortex

What is Razer Cortex? It is a free program that optimizes your PC for games. The program does this by managing and killing processes and applications that you do not need when playing games, and it provides more computer resources for the game on the laptop while playing, giving you a better experience.

8: Adjust system settings for best performance

You can adjust your laptop computer to get the best performance. This is done either by changing the power settings to achieve optimum performance or by adjusting the settings. To do this from the settings, enter “advanced system settings” by searching in the menu start with “advanced system settings”. Then, on the tab, click on “Advanced”, and under “performance” click on “settings.” Then, select “Adjust for best performance”, and save the changes by clicking “Apply” and then “OK” as in the above screen shot to get the best performance.

9: Purchase an external graphics card

graphics card-

In the event that your laptop supports the installation of an external graphics card, you can buy an external card now to play heavy games without suffering from low frames per second! Yes, on a personal experience, the external graphics card helps in improving computer performance in a factor and improving games in particular. Hence, if you want to improve the gaming experience on your device and at the same time your device supports the installation of an external graphics card, I advise you to purchase it.

10: Download and install MSI AfterBurner

It is a free program that can overclock your laptop. Additionally, the program also monitors the laptop’s voltage and temperature. The nice thing about the program is overclocking the laptop and making the performance better. You should only make sure that your computer’s cooling system is very good before you plan to do so.

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