Razer unveils Hammerhead Pro wireless headphones

Razer recently announced the Hammerhead Pro wireless headset that comes with Hybrid Active Noise Canceling, with a charging life of up to 20 hours, and a price of $ 199.

Razer launched its new version of the Hammerhead Pro wireless headphones with improvements over the previous version, as the new version comes with an upgrade in the microphone, a new design to install the in-ear headphone more efficiently, and supports customization of touch controls.

Razer offers Hammerhead Pro wireless headphones with a longer battery charging life, with a new design for the charging case, also with the design of the in-ear headphone, the company offers 7 wireless headphones that are compatible with the user’s ear, with the headphones featuring three different sizes with a soft silicone design , Also offers a pair of Comply.

The company has been keen to pay attention to a compatible design inside the user’s ear to support active noise cancellation more efficiently, the headphone also comes with noise-canceling microphones similar to the Razer Opus headphone, as the microphones in the Hammerhead Pro work to cancel external and internal noise, as well as analyze the external acoustics of the headphones, And the acoustics that enter the ear.

Hammerhead Pro also comes with passive noise isolation feature, also supports the accompanying application of the headphones to determine the degree of sound insulation more tightly to enhance the user experience, and the headset also supports THX standards for a better experience in acoustics thanks to the 10 mm motors, that is, in a smaller size than the previous version.

Razer offers Hammerhead Pro headphones in a special style for games that support reduced response time, the headset also supports Bluetooth 5.1 technology at 60 milliseconds, and battery life reaches 20 hours with the holster, while the charging life of the headphones only reaches 4 hours, also the wireless headset can be charged via the port USB-C is in the holster and is slated to be on sale for $ 199.


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