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Motorola introduces the RAZR 2 phone soon

Motorola is preparing for the official announcement of the Moto Razr 2 phone at an event to be held on the 9th of next September, and again today the leaks reveal more specifications for this version.

The Moto Razr 2 has been approved in TUV Rheinland recently in preparation for the official announcement soon, and new details have been revealed about the phone via MySmartPrice, where the phone comes with model number XT 2071.


The new leaks confirm that the Moto Razr 2 phone applies with a capacity of 2633 mAh battery, with some expectations indicating that the typical capacity of the phone battery will reach 2800 mAh, and the Moto Razr 2 phone also applies with fast charging technology of 18W, which is an upgrade from the previous version that came As far as charging 15W.

The leaks have revealed so far some of the features of the Moto Razr 2 clamshell phone, as the leaks confirm the built-in foldable screen, with sides that support touch sensitivity, and the side touch bar contains several sensors that support the implementation of up to 20 different functions in the phone. This bar can also recognize various gestures to perform tasks.

Also, the Motorola RAZR 2 will be launched with a Snapdragon 765G processor chip, with a random memory of 8 GB RAM, and a storage capacity of 256 GB.

The leaks indicate that the phone comes with a 6.2-inch P-OLED screen, a 2.7-inch secondary external screen, and it is expected that the RAZR 2 will come with an upgrade in the camera that includes a 48-mega-pixel sensor and 20 mega-pixel camera in the front camera.

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