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REALME announces the world’s first SLED screen smart TV

REALME announced at a recent event the world’s first smart TV with a new SLED screen, with a size of 55 inches.

REALME succeeded in competing in the smart phone market within a short time from the company’s launch of the market, and then the company moved to compete in the headphones market, as well as televisions, and today the company is taking an important step to compete more strongly in the smart TV market during the coming period.

REALME’s competition in the smart TV market will not be limited to the mid-range versions of devices, but is also progressing today with the announcement of the world’s first smart TV to feature a 4K SLED screen.

Realme has reviewed, during its announcement, details of the new SLED 4K technology in TV screens, which may replace QLED technology in the coming period, as the company offers this new technology in a distinctive 55-inch screen, but the company has not set a date for the launch of this version to the market.

The Realme Smart TV is characterized by a 4K SLED screen, with 108% color coverage of NTSC colors, and the new technology comes to support the control of blue light emitted from TVs, and the device has received TUV Rheinland certification.

Realme’s SLED technology

SLED technology is based on bringing a new way to lighting the panel, as the LCD screens come with white lighting on the back of the panels, which passes RGB filters, while the SLED technology is based on the use of LED lighting in red, green and also blue, and the screen uses liquid crystal technology, so this is The screens are also of the LCD series.

SLED technology differs from QLED technology in screens, as Quantum Dot technology is based on the use of blue backlight with Quantum Dot technology to absorb this light and reproduce green or red color, while LCD screens help the engine in controlling the amount of light that passes through each pixel .

Also, in addition to color reproduction, SLED technology adjusts color accuracy with the best quality, and the technology provides a wide color range, while improving image reproduction with higher quality.

It is reported that Realme has confirmed during its announcement that SLED technology is a more efficient technology for smart TVs, with which the company replaces the prevailing wave among manufacturers of smart TVs such as Samsung and OnePlus, as these companies are heading to produce QLED screen devices, also expected to be launched. The first Realme device with a SLED screen in the Indian market later.


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