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What are the reasons for slow internet?

Everyone knows how you feel, when you are enjoying watching a video, or you are simply waiting for your downloads to finish, and suddenly the internet is slowing down, frankly everyone has this feeling that makes you lower your head on your desk and count the minutes as if they were hours, the fact that the internet has slowed down, that there are rich reasons for Definition and other hidden reasons for slow internet, Through this new article, we will present to you the hidden reasons that most of you do not know, if you complain about slow internet and do not know the solution, this article is for you, where we will learn about hidden reasons that affect your internet speed

The wireless connection is questionable

The first task is to connect the computer via an “Ethernet” wire for performance reasons, since the wired system is a closed system so that the variables can be controlled, while the wireless is an open system, the environment, performance, and several other factors that have a major role in affecting the Internet and its power.

Low budget router

Ensure that your router equipment is top notch, at least, buying one that has a name in the market for its reliability and robustness, especially when it comes to signal strength and interference minimization software.

After that, you must determine how much speed you really need, and this depends on the number of people who use your internet connection, and what they are using for it, so if you live alone and you only surf and watch movies, then 5 megabits per second may be enough. I was with a family that loved streaming, downloading and more, the speed should be at least 20Mbps.

The problem with the Wi-Fi channel

It is possible that the problem of slow internet is related to the channel in which your WiFi network works, different Wi-Fi signals are connected to different channels, and here you can use an application such as Network Analyzer Lite for iOS or Wifi Analyzer for Android system to see if your Wi-Fi channel is overloaded or not.

Restart the router

If the internet connection is slower than it is supposed to, you can reset the router, check all other devices in the house first of all, and see if slow is a general problem or you only have, then turn off the router and restart it again. The lights were all on the router, so try to grab the Ethernet cable that provides your Internet, and connect it to your computer, and here you know the cause of the problem.

The Wi-Fi network is in poor condition

When you are in an open space, you feel a noticeable improvement in the Wi-Fi speed, but if you are in a multi-room and multi-storey house, you may face a problem with the Wi-Fi speed, try to test your speed when you are near the router versus when you are far from it.

The presence of devices that cause slow your connection

There are devices in your home that cause interference to the Wi-Fi signal, as electronic devices that emit radio frequencies can cause this, therefore, try not to turn them on to check if this is the problem.

There are programs running in the background

Both games and software can severely affect your network and cause slow internet connections, and it’s easy to forget that these programs are running, so check your hardware for any programs running in the background.

The presence of a virus on your computer

Your computer becomes infected with viruses that steal your resources and will eventually slow down your Internet speed, so you should install a reliable and effective anti-virus program, in line with the default Microsoft Defender program.

You need a better font

This is a very natural reason, as if your connection does not meet your needs, then you need to upgrade your connection.

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