Redmi K40 series supports 120Hz refresh rate

The upcoming Xiaomi event will take place on February 25 for the official announcement of the Redmi K40 series, and today the latest teaser announcements reveal more details about the screen specifications for the upcoming releases.

The leaks recently revealed the triple camera settings in the Redmi K40 Pro phone, and today the teaser ads reveal the screen features in the Redmi K4 series that come with Samsung’s new E4 material in OLED screens, where the E4 symbol refers to a new generation of materials used by Samsung in the manufacture of screens OLED.

Expectations indicate that the E4 material will support OLED screens with higher levels of brightness, with improvements in contrast, color accuracy, and the material supports OLED screens with a lower energy consumption advantage, and I used E4 in the manufacture of the Mi 11 screen, which has already achieved the highest Results at DisplayMate.

Another teaser also confirmed that the Redmi K40 series comes at a refresh rate of 120Hz, also recently leaked in the TENAA database indicated that Xiaomi offers Redmi K40 phones with an OLED screen with a flat design, and the screens also come with a built-in fingerprint scanning technology, with a sensor for the front camera In a hole in the middle of the screen.

Also, some leaks indicate that the Redmi K40 series includes a low-cost version known as the Redmi K40S phone, which comes with the highest version of the K40 Pro series, and the flagship Redmi K40.

It is reported that Xiaomi offers the Redmi K40 Pro this year with a Snapdragon 888 processor chip, while the main version comes with a Snapdragon 870 processor chip, with a 4,500 mAh battery, Android 11 operating system, LPDDR5 random memory, with UFS 3.1 storage capacity, and the phone also supports Wi-Fi technology -Fi6, 33W fast charging.


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