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Reports of Redmi Note 9 users confirm a problem with the phone’s camera

Many Redmi Note 9 users have reported complaints about dust and dust gathering on the rear camera lenses of the Redmi Note 9, as a result of a problem in the quality of the lens production.

Xiaomi presented a series of Redmi Note 9 phones that came to combine the efficiency of the design and also the distinctive specifications, but with the specifications provided by Xiaomi in this version, however, the reports of the phone users are focused in the recent period on the problem of the quality of manufacturing the lenses in the rear camera of this version.

Redmi Note 9 problem

Redmi Note 9 users have explained the problem of the rear camera lens, which collects a lot of dust and dust in the corners, which is difficult to remove from the lenses, which leads to the appearance of spots in the images.
Also, phone users confirmed that the camera problem in the Redmi Note 9 phone is not related to the quality of photography, but the difficulty in removing dirt and dust is definitely due to a problem in the quality of the lens manufacturing, which affects the photographic experience in the end.
And users have confirmed that the problem has been detected in both Redmi Note 9, Redmi Note 9 Pro, and Redmi Note 9S, but the latter only managed to avoid the effect of dust gathering on the production of images in the end.

It is reported that the problem of the camera in the Redmi Note 9 phones was detected for the first time about two months ago, and despite Xiaomi’s confirmation to enhance the quality of the camera manufacturing in these versions at the beginning, complaints are constantly increasing without the Chinese giant providing official statements about this problem.

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