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ASUS launches RTX 30 series cards

As soon as NVIDIA announced the RTX 30 series of cards, which include the RTX 3090 and RTX 3080, as well as the RTX 3070, the graphics card manufacturers began to reveal new ones.

And here we are with the new ASUS by launching several models of this new series to include the ROG Strix RTX 30 with a wide range of enhanced features, as well as the TUF Gaming RTX 30 that comes with a standard design that focuses more on endurance, efficient cooling and energy efficiency, and finally Dual RTX 30 which adopts the popular two-fan diffuser design.

RTX 30

All upcoming ASUS models rely on the same design approach that has characterized it for years and years in the graphics cards business. With this new generation, focus has been placed on improving the quality of the professional adapter attached to the cards, a new PCB design with stronger power circuits, and moving towards a better stage in terms of external design of the card to keep it in line with the excessive power of the new NVIDIA Ampere architecture that provides an increase in performance per watt of up to 1.9X Once compared to the previous generation.

After the official announcement, we all became aware that the second-generation RTX cards feature an improved combination of RT, Tensor and Coda cores to offer us unprecedented and fast frame rates, whether with 4K, 2K or even 8K resolutions, while accelerating artificial intelligence for games and applications and achieving a tracking experience. Much better rays.

ROG Strix RTX 30 series of cards

ROG Strix RTX 30

The highlight on these cards is the new metallic cover, featuring metallic accents and impressive side lines, with the incorporation of three Axial-tech fans that deliberately rotate to a custom profile. These fans are famous for their long blades that are connected in a circular motion with the edges of the fan base, a design adopted since the first generation of RTX cards, which increases air pressure to enhance airflow inside the disperser, and we do not forget that these fans also feature IP5X dust resistance to provide rotation speed, stable capacity and longer life .

The central fan features 13 blades to provide enhanced static pressure to blow air through the aluminum diffuser fins and directly toward the GPU. While the two fans on the left and right contain 11 blades to allow more heat dissipation to provide better airflow throughout the entire disperser part attached to the card, the airflow process is not easy. ASUS engineers have worked to provide a balance between air thrust, direction of movement and low noise. Which was possible thanks to this design that reduces turbulence for the three fans thanks to the reversal of the middle fan.
The heatsink is designed more than previously in a 2.9 ”rather than 2.5” shape to focus on achieving greater airflow around the entire aluminum fins. The cards also come equipped with the exclusive ASUS MaxContact technology, which features a reinforced copper surface that connects directly to the GPU, and thanks to MaxContact technology, which uses precise mechanisms to create the copper surface, this makes it twice as good in terms of communication with the GPU as compared to traditional copper surfaces.

Improvements are not limited to the included antenna diffuser, but also on the quality of capacitors, chokes, and power circuits through strong Super Alloy Power II components to provide excellent overclocking capacity and optimal GPU stability while enhancing efficiency, reducing power loss and reducing noise by two fewer times due to compression. Overload. It has also been relying on Auto-Extreme technology to manufacture cards 100% automatically to ensure the best quality in the card industry. The new manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, as it ensures the elimination of tough chemicals, reduces energy consumption by 50%, and improves the production process by 30%.

It also features FanConnect II with two 4pin ports to connect to each of your PC’s fans, both PWM and DC, for optimum cooling. The connected fans belong to both the graphics card and the CPU, to operate automatically according to the highest temperature, and you will also have a comprehensive range of tuning options to allow you to adjust fan speeds. Bios binary? Yes, this card has been enhanced with a dual-role BIOS as follows: Performance mode will make the fans run at full capacity to cool the card all the time, while Quiet mode maintains the same voltage and frequencies, but reduces fan rotation during low temperatures.

Another feature that needs to be talked about is the voltage sensing circuit on the board of the PCB board that monitors the voltage of the power line rail of the provider quickly and enough to capture any drop in the power line voltage, and if any drop occurs, the LED will illuminate red to indicate a problem in the power supply.

Once you turn the card over to see the back of it, you will notice that it has a comprehensive cover for all important PCB areas with a wide ventilation hole. The hole allows hot air to escape out instead of being recycled back into the card dispenser. The connection piece is also relied on for a stable mount between the foil die and the dispersion surface for excellent conductivity and pressure between them.

TUF Gaming RTX 30 Series Cards

TUF Gaming RTX 30
Emphasis has been placed with this series on robust design architecture with more powerful cooling and higher energy efficiency. To begin with, we will talk about the design based on the new metal casing that directly expresses the widely known TUF series. Within this hood, the card was equipped with three Axial-tech fans based on a dual ball mount for a long lifetime.

Fan rotation has also been improved to reduce turbulence by making the middle fan reverse. There is no consumption of the GPU? In this case, the three fans will stop spinning at low temperatures, which can happen when the card is idle or when you are running games or programs that do not consume much of the graphics processor, and if you are concerned about this technology used for a long time in the world of graphics cards, the size of the distraction Included with the card, with the correct distribution of the cooling tubes, will keep the GPU, memory and other components at lower temperatures.

In keeping with TUF Gaming’s acclaimed legacy of durability, the card’s components were chosen based on durability and performance as well as a selection of high-quality chokes, MOSFETs, and capacitors that are Military-Grade certified. As with previous cards, the Auto-Extreme automated manufacturing process ensures that components are precisely placed and joined without human intervention in the manufacturing process. To ensure optimal performance even in the most difficult conditions, the cards have undergone a long, grueling and continuous experience of 144 hours of testing to ensure optimum operation of the card.

Once you turn the card over to see the back of it, you will also notice that it is distinguished by a comprehensive cover for all important PCB areas with a wide ventilation hole. The hole allows hot air to escape out instead of being recycled back into the card dispenser. The connection piece is also relied on for a stable mount between the foil die and the dispersion surface to deliver excellent conductivity and pressure between them. In addition, the card includes a reliable dual BIOS when needed, especially if you are thinking of overclocking to cross the red lines.

Dual RTX 30 Series Cards
Dual RTX 30

With this series, we only saw one card, the ASUS Dual RTX 3070, which combines powerful performance and a beautiful design with two fans, with a black hood that includes two Axial-tech fans and is able to perfectly push airflow towards the entire aluminum fins. The fans can also stop automatically at Low temperatures, in the case of idle or when using the graphic processor slightly. If you are a gamer and creator who wants an experience that combines a simple yet robust design but without paying much money … you should consider the ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 3070 Card in your account.

Availability? These cards, which number up to 6 models, will be available in the market this month, while the RTX 3070 card will be available in October.

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