Details on AMD’s Ryzen Cezanne processors

More information has emerged today about the fifth generation of AMD Ryzen Cezanne processors, which will be the codename for next-generation APU accelerated processors. New information has appeared on SiSoft SANDRA’s database, with big hints as to where the company could innovate next. Apparently, the Cezanne processors will be the next silicone chips very similar to the next Renoir processors.

It also appears that these processors will feature the same integrated graphics solution found in the current generation, meaning that we may again see graphical solutions from the Vega graphics architecture. We also now know that the new integrated GPU will have the same basic configuration, with up to 512 stream processors, but a jump in GPU frequencies is likely compared to the current Ryzen 4000 Renoir chipset.

Ryzen Cezanne

So, you might be wondering what’s new? Well, a large part of the innovation lies with the CPU itself. Whereas, although the number of CPU cores is not known yet, the company will use the new architecture of Zen 3 cores, which makes all cores on the silicon chip share the same L3 cache.

In any case, it is also worth noting that the graphics processor based on the Vega architecture in the new processor is expected to provide better performance than the solution in “Renoir”, as the new processor is supported at higher core frequencies, mostly with CPU components. The same instruction or higher IPC, eliminating any bottleneck that might exist. Whereas, in the SANDRA screenshot in front of us, we can see the new graphics processor carrying core frequencies of 1.85 GHz, which means an increase of 100 MHz compared to the core frequencies of processors such as the Ryzen 4000H and 4000U of the current generation.

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