Samsung supports chips with a manufacturing accuracy of 7 nm

Samsung has announced improvements to the distinctive chips with a 7-nanometer manufacturing accuracy, as the chipset package is now based on 3D EUV manufacturing technology, which supports energy savings, while reducing the space occupied by the processing unit.

The Korean giant has already begun mass production of distinctive chips with a precision of 5 nanometers, which supports the new generation of the company’s distinctive phones next year, which is launched with the title Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S30, and with the Korean giant’s focus on the new generation of chipsets, however, Samsung officially confirmed the Bringing improvements to the feature chips with a 7nm manufacturing accuracy.

Samsung chips 7 nm

Samsung has been keen to add improvements to the distinctive chips with a 7 nm manufacturing accuracy by using 3D technology to collect slides in a package using the EUV manufacturing process that focuses on 7 nm resolution, a technology known by Samsung with the X-Cube technology.

This new chip compression technology is based on stacking the SRAM memory on top of the mold, using Samsung TSV technology that focuses on small holes to support the bonding of the chip layers, a process that differs from the traditional semiconductor system.


This new technology supports the manufacturing process of chips with a precision of 7 nm manufacturing, reducing the size of the chips, and also saving energy consumption in the processing unit, as well as the speed of data transfer.

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