Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro headphone leaks

Samsung is preparing to launch a new version of its small wireless headphones, which according to the leaks will be under the name Galaxy Buds Pro and will bring with it improvements to the noise cancellation feature as well as adding the 3D spatial audio feature, which appeared during the last period with the Apple wireless headset AirPods Max .

These leaks come from the XDA website, which analyzed the APK file for the Galaxy Store and showed the spatial sound feature of the speaker.

The speaker will add another feature for voice recognition, so that it automatically reduces and raises the volume while listening when the user speaks or stops talking. It will also add a feature to control the sound balance on the left and right, allowing the hearing impaired in one side to obtain the required balance for listening.

Other advantages that we saw in previous Samsung headphones will appear again; Like ambient sound, touch control, read alerts, noise cancellation, etc.

The Galaxy Buds Pro will work with Samsung phones running Android 11 only, this means the company’s latest phones.

The leaks indicate the arrival of the Galaxy Buds Pro headset with a design that combines a version of Buds + and the latest version of the Samsung Buds Live headphones.

It will also come in several colors, including white, black, and pink. And it’s over $ 170 – especially since BudsLive started at that price.

It is noteworthy that Apple’s wireless AirPods Max, which carried the feature of spatial audio, arrived at a price of 550 USD.


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