Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will come with 6 cameras

A new leak appeared that confirms some technical specifications and design of the upcoming Samsung flagship Galaxy S21, which is distinguished in the Ultra version of it that it will come with six cameras!

According to the leaks, the S21 Ultra will carry two telephoto lenses at 3x and 10x levels, and focal lengths of 72mm and 240mm, respectively. Both lenses support optical stabilization.

This is considered a distinctive addition in the Ultra version of the S21 compared to the same version of the S20 that had three cameras on the back.

Samsung is expected to use hybrid zoom technology to get an zoom level greater than 10X.

The main camera in the phone will be 108 megapixels 24 mm and auto focus will be with laser assistance, as is the case with the Note 20 Ultra.

Sources of leaks indicate that despite the theoretical specifications of the main lens similar to the previous generation, Samsung has made developments in the new sensor to give better quality.

As for the video, the S21 Ultra will be able to record in 8K resolution instead of 4K in the iPhone with the higher version.

Of course, with the fierce competition between the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung needs to mobilize all its imaging capabilities from lenses and technologies to get better results.

Over the past years, Samsung has focused more on the hardware side of developing smart phone cameras instead of the programmatic focus, and gradually it abandoned Sony’s sensors and used its own sensors, which allowed it more freedom and adopted technologies and multiple lenses in smartphones.

Samsung is expected to officially unveil its phone on January 14th.


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