Samsung introduces Galaxy S21 phones next year without a ToF sensor

The Korean giant presented the Galaxy Note20 series during the last period without the ToF sensor in the camera settings, and in the latest leaks, Samsung’s plans to launch the Galaxy S21 series phones next year were also revealed without the ToF sensor.

Samsung has finished announcing the distinct versions of its smartphones this year from the Galaxy S20 series, as well as the Galaxy Note20 series, and a report from Korea recently came to confirm that Samsung decided to continue launching the premium versions next year without the ToF sensor due to the limited uses of this technology.

Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung launched some of the company’s versions of the ToF sensor during the past years, but the Samsung technology in this camera did not come with the same efficiency and performance as Apple technology that was developed through Sony.

Sony’s technology in the ToF sensor was exclusive from the beginning on Apple according to an agreement that brings together both companies, so this technology was not available to the Korean giant, which prompted Samsung to develop its own technology in the ToF sensor, but it was not at the same level provided by the Japanese giant Sony.

On the other hand, Samsung continues to develop this technology through the LSI system in one of Samsung’s sectors, as this sector is now working on developing indirect ToF technology, but the company will stop at the present time from using this technology in its smartphones until it is upgraded to reach the same The level of performance provided in Apple phones.

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