Samsung manufactures its phones in Pakistan

Samsung has signed a cooperation agreement with the Lucky Motor Corporation of Pakistan allowing the manufacture of the first phones in the factories of the second in the Port Qasim region of Pakistan.

Lucky Motor Corporation resulted from a collaboration between Lucky Corporation and Kia Motors – the famous car manufacturer, but with the new agreement, the factories that will be used to produce Samsung phones for this purpose will be realigned instead of being dedicated to the production of auto parts and others.

Samsung’s move to manufacture its phones in Pakistan came after the new laws imposed by the state on foreign products to promote the growth of the local industry and provide job opportunities, as India did previously, which will help the Korean company to produce phones at lower costs and more government facilities, which means lower costs for phones and thus offering them At a lower price and more demand, which lays a strong foundation for the company in Pakistan.

The Pakistani government’s program to boost local industry aims to make 80% of the phones sold in the country are made locally.

Chinese rivals such as Vivo and Oppo have opened their own factories in Pakistan to produce phones sold locally there, in one of the world’s largest markets.

Samsung previously opened its largest factories in India and focused its manufacture of smart phones there after the Indian government programs to support the manufacture of electronic devices locally, and this is something that the Korean company may apply during the coming period to enhance its manufacture in Pakistan by building its own factories instead of relying on production in the factories of other companies .


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