Samsung unveils flexible stretchable screen

Samsung revealed an amazing new development in the manufacture of flexible OLED screens through a new technology for a stretchable screen that can stick to the skin and carry different sensors to measure the condition of the body, similar to what is provided by smart watches.

The Korean company says that the technology helps extend the screen to an additional 30% of its size, and it has been developed with semiconductors and sensors available on the market to work as an extendable device, and the experiments have succeeded in integrating it as well with an optical sensor to measure blood flow, which is the first of its kind.

The new screen technology was also tested with an extendable PPG heart rate sensor, and the screen was stuck to the inside of the wrist, and it succeeded in providing good results, accuracy and speed about 2.4 times compared to other measurement sensors on smart watches, until it reached more than From 1,000 stretches during the experiments, the tidal rate reached 30%, as was the case with the optical blood propulsion sensor experiment.

The research team at Samsung that came up with these technologies indicates that the new sensors provide higher accuracy due to their adhesion to the decisiveness compared to the current sensors in smart watches, and this represents a qualitative leap in the wearable device sector, especially in cases of body movement because the movement will not affect the attached body as It is with watches.

Samsung is working to enhance and improve the technology of stretchable screens and the new smart sensors that carry them, as it is still in its early stages of work, but it aims to launch the technology as soon as possible when achieving better results in terms of sensor accuracy and the ability to extend the screen to a greater number of times or a higher percentage To be suitable for commercial use.


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