Samsung will manufacture 3 nm processors in America with an investment of 10 billion dollars

Samsung intends to spend about $ 10 billion over the next two years to establish a new processor plant in Austin, Texas, to enhance its ability to compete in the market away from the links with China.

The new plant will be unusual, as it will produce processors with a precision of only 3 nanometers, and it will be the third factory for Samsung in the world to use its revolutionary ultraviolet lithography technology in the production of processors and chips.

If Samsung’s endeavors are successful, construction of the new plant could start this year and start production in 2023.

Samsung is looking to achieve more than one goal by launching an advanced processor factory in the United States. On the one hand, it sets a foothold in the country, which makes it easier for it to obtain supply contracts from major customers such as Apple, and is also not affected by the disputes and the US embargo on China, as it becomes closer to its competition, TSMC, which manufactures chips and processors for major companies, including Apple, and with advanced manufacturing technologies that reached 5 Nm.

Samsung is investing in a processor plant in the United States, preceded by a similar move by TSMC, which has invested $ 12 billion in Arizona and is expected to start production in 2024.

Samsung’s ambitious investment plan in processor chips, amounting to about $ 116 billion, will be spent within 10 years.

Over the past years, Samsung has been raising its competitiveness in RAM chips and storage, but the main processors offer higher profit margins for the company, which is what pushed it to turn towards it with its investments and new manufacturing technologies.


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