Samsung will use AI for the on-screen camera technology

Some companies developing smartphones are heading to work on the camera technology at the bottom of the screen, and the latest reports have indicated Samsung’s plans to develop this technology using artificial intelligence technology.

The Korean giant plans to review what it has reached in developing the technology of the camera at the bottom of the screen in smartphones during the 2021 electronic imaging event that will be held from January 18 to 28, where Samsung explains during the conference how to address the obstacles facing this technology so far.

ZTE presented to the market during the past year the first version of the smartphones distinguished by the design of the camera at the bottom of the screen, which was launched with the title Axonn 20 5G, but this version faces a problem in the quality of imaging so far due to some obstacles facing this technology.

Samsung made it clear in recent statements that the camera technology at the bottom of the screen is still not fully equipped yet, but the idea of ​​this technology attracts a large base of users in anticipation to get to know the vision of the phone manufacturing giants in developing this technology.

Samsung is preparing in particular to present its vision in addressing the obstacles that have faced this technology so far through the “2021 electronic imaging” conference, as Samsung will show during the events how to employ artificial intelligence technology to solve the problems of this technology.

Also, Samsung’s technology will work to compensate for the deviation when restoring the camera images on the screen, with this process based on artificial intelligence technology and Quad Bayer, as some leaks indicated that Samsung will present the technology for the first time in the Galaxy Note 21 series.


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