How to save your phone that fell into water

Our phones accompany us at every moment of the day, so the risk of falling haunts us, especially falling from the pocket, along with the fall of our dear phone in the water, specifically when we grab the phone and start taking pictures with us behind the sea or under us a swimming pool, and here is enough moment of distraction or slipping for the phone to fall from the water In the same context, but from another angle, many phones rely on insulation techniques from liquids and dust, both with the standard of IP67 and IP68 and even the two less stringent standards IP65 and IP66, and this in turn reduces the shock of the phone falling from the water and receiving damage, but these standards depend on the duration The presence of the phone in the water, generally, through our new article, we will see what must be done to try to salvage the phone that accidentally fell into the water, regardless of whether it supports one of these criteria.

The first stage: the first aid stage

As the seconds pass, the chance of salvaging a phone that has fallen into the water decreases, and take into account, that the damage is so severe that it cannot be repaired when the water is deep. Water as quickly as possible, at the same time do not panic with some of the tips mentioned above.

In the event that the phone remains on, immediately turn off the phone, as the liquid on the components causes contact with the electrical circuits, and this in turn causes undue damage to the phone board.

Among other instructions, place your phone on the vertical position to drain all the liquid inside it, and after some time dry the phone gently with a piece of cloth, and always remember that the liquid outside remains less harmful than some of the water droplets in the internal components of the phone.

After performing the previous procedures, now you have to remove any removable parts from your phone, including the SIM cards, the external memory card, and most important of all, the battery in case it is removable.

Now, we come to the procedures that must be completely avoided when the phone falls into the water, and first of all, to avoid trying to operate the phone in all cases, as this process may be the last blow to make the phone irreparable or recoverable, and also do not put the phone or tablet in the sun to dry it nor You use a hair dryer, as droplets of steam may reach inside the components, which increases the damage, and do not place the phone in the microwave, since microwaves are more deadly to circuits than liquids.

The second stage: dehumidification

Honestly, this is the stage that needs all patience, as the moisture interfering inside the device and components can be fatal to our phone, so we have to try to remove them, and once again we stress the importance of patience as it takes at least a full day before we can restart the phone, Here, experts advise and those who have received this fall, put the phone in a bag of uncooked rice, since the latter is very useful in absorbing moisture, and it does not stop at rice only, as there are special drying materials such as silica gel, but due to the unpredictability of these situations It is really difficult to have these materials on hand and when needed, in every case, make sure that the phone is covered with the button completely and avoid closing the bag, and after the 24-hour time limit has expired, go to the third stage.

The third stage: testing

At this point, we have reached a moment of truth through which you can verify whether the phone has actually been damaged when it fell in the water and what damage it was exposed to, then at first turn on the phone, and if the matter is successful you can continue the test, while in the event that it is turned off Turn it on, you can try to charge the phone, and if the problem persists, it is best to try replacing the battery, and in case it doesn’t work, just go to the nearest certified technician and fix the phone from there. We now proceed to follow up the tests in case the phone turns on, the most important of these tests are the following:

Check the screen, where you will definitely notice the screen was damaged or not, and it is very expected that some dark circles will appear on it, and this is normal because it fell in the water. Now, reseat the SIM card and check if it is detected properly as once the network indicator appears, you will know that things are fine. Trying to connect to the Internet via mobile network and Wi-Fi is a good way to verify that your phone’s modem is not damaged.

You can test the microphone and earphone by making a call to someone, and in case he and you hear them, the two components are safe, and to check the external speaker play any audio track you have.

Now let’s check the cameras, by trying to take pictures from both of them, and of course both the flash and some sensors will be tested this way. Check that the fingerprint sensor and the sensors used to unlock the face (if any) are working, and finally, check that the phone is able to pair with other bluetooth devices normally, and if everything is working properly, you can consider yourself really lucky.

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