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Services to watch a video with friends over the Internet

Beautiful are the times that bring us together with family and friends, and the most beautiful is everyone’s participation in an event, for example, watching a movie, however, there come times when it is difficult for everyone to meet in the same place, here comes the role of some services that will be with us in the next lines, Where we will get acquainted with a package of services that allow anyone to watch the content on Netflix, YouTube, or a personal video with one of them, regardless of the location, and if you are one of those interested, you will definitely want to see this list.

1. Zoom

In recent times, and specifically since home quarantine was imposed on most countries of the world, the Zoom service has grown in popularity among most users, being a video conference service and by the way, the best in its field, as it provides a seamless way to set up a meeting full of people that can be joined through service applications or through sharing The meeting link in the browser, and apart from the rest of the upcoming features in this service, there is a screen sharing tool, which allows us to share everything that happens on our screen, including any movie or TV program you may watch or any video or anything else, with full support To control the volume, and the privacy of opening the camera.

2. Twoseven

This service was developed by people who spent long periods of time away from seeing each other, and it was developed to be simple with operating directly by the browser you use. In the same context, Twoseven supports YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix and Crunchyroll, in addition to watching videos. Saved in the device, and not only that, but the service also includes text capabilities to be another door to chatting with subscribers, there is even support for an add-on on the Chrome browser that helps to know whether this video is supported for participation in the service or not.

3. Syncplay

The following service, and what distinguishes it most is that it is compatible with a large number of video player applications, including “VLC, KM Player, Media Player Classic and more”, as it is a free service that allows you to synchronize videos with friends, provided that you also need to store the movies you want View them on your device, wherever anyone can pause and restart the broadcast regardless of the owner, so the service is a great way to enjoy the convenience.

4. Gaze

In short, if the service you are targeting is YouTube only, then the Gaze service will be the service you are looking for, with simplicity being its address, through someone creating a room and sending the room link to another person, thus it is coming with support for two people only, in addition In addition, Gaze also includes a tool to synchronize files, but not in large sizes, in the end, if you want to spend time with someone without clutter or distraction, this service is for you.

5. Watch2gether

With this service, it does not require any registration. All you need is a temporary alias. Watching the video with others is very simple. To start, all you have to do is click on the “Create a room” button from the main interface, after that Type your name and you will be taken to a video room where you can start adding people, with an option to either invite your friends to a room that you created or join a room that is already running and that you have already become part of the group, and perhaps the most important part of this service is that it supports sharing videos YouTube and Vimeo as well as DailyMotion, and if you want audio, there is support for SoundCloud.

6. Kast

The Kast service differs from all the services mentioned in this list, as it is not limited to synchronizing the video only, instead, the browser is mainly shared, which allows users to synchronize all types of content and across multiple devices with remote assistance, therefore, with Kast it is possible to synchronize videos from YouTube or any other video service, as well as sharing games, and even sharing documents and photos, in turn, the service is available as a program on Windows or Mac, or use the supported web version only on Chrome, and to start a session, you must create your own group, or simply join an existing group.

7. MyCircleTV

One of the most important and largest video synchronization services, and perhaps its most important features, is its support for voice chat while watching videos online with friends, and the latter can be invited in several ways, including via Twitter, Facebook, e-mail and other ways, and it does not stop at This is the limit, as there is no requirement to register with MyCircleTV, but once you register you will be ready to watch, here this service supports YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion clips, and as another positive step, the service supports uploading 5 GB of videos in a space allocated for each user, with the ability to choose the format you want, Keep in mind, that if you have a registered account, you will be able to take advantage of other things, such as displaying the invitation history, allocating a profile, and 5 GB of backup storage space for you.

8. Sync Video

The last service in this group, and if you are interested in privacy and how not, then this service is very suitable for you, as it was developed with more privacy in mind, provided that it also allows watching the video with one of them for free, provided that the only requirement is registration In the service, and as soon as you register, you will be given your private and permanent room, so that you can return to it every time you want to use the service and invite friends to watch videos online with you, and with it as well, you can add videos from YouTube and Vimeo and even save them in playlists for you and your friends to watch any time.

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