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US Federal Trade Commission Adds Chinese SMIC To Ban List

The US Federal Trade Commission has added the Chinese semiconductor company SMIC to the ban list and has banned US tech companies from dealing with it, according to a Reuters report.

The new episode in the US ban on Chinese companies came through a circular that was sent to technology industries companies in the United States last Friday. It is forbidden to export any SMIC technology for the reason that it poses an unacceptable risk in its transformation of the technologies into a military end product serving the People’s Republic of China, that is, in the routine sense, they pose an explicit danger and threat to US national security.

The Federal Trade Commission had approved several laws last April that narrowed the screws on the export of products and goods to China, claiming that it seeks to prevent American companies from sending products that may be used to enhance the power of the Chinese army.


SMIC responded through an official statement to the authority’s decision, in which it said that it manufactures semiconductors and provides services for commercial purposes and for the end user only, explaining that it has no relationship with the Chinese army and does not manufacture any end products for the user or military uses.

With this new decision, SMIC became the last Chinese company to join the list of American entities, but it certainly will not be the last. This is based on the accelerated development witnessed in reality in the widening of the ban on Chinese products and companies since the increase in tension between the two world trade poles at the beginning of last year 2019 and the ban on Huawei; Most affected by this war in the technical market today.

Huawei expects a sharp decline in its sales due to the US ban


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