Snapchat begins to rival the TikTok app

Snap is bringing a new feature to the Snapchat app to support users with the advantage of viewing videos with an experience that mimics the TikTok app, and a new feature called “Spotlight” is also launched.

Many applications seek to compete with the most popular video application TikTok and attract the user sector with new features, and Snapchat is the latest application that supports the feature of viewing videos through a new section known as “Spotlight”, which will support display of videos created by users in the application.

The developers of the Snapchat application also confirmed that the “Spotlight” feature will provide financial incentives of up to one million dollars until the end of this year, to motivate users to create video content and share it in the new Spotlight section, as well as share popular videos among users.

The Spotlight feature in the Snapchat application provides an experience that simulates the TikTok application, where the videos are displayed in a vertical format, and the videos are played automatically. You can also scroll up and down to browse the videos in a smooth experience.

Also, the Spotlight section of Snapchat is based on a new algorithm that displays the user’s favorite videos at the beginning. The user will also be able to search on a specific topic in the content to show the videos that have been shared on Snapchat.

On the other hand, the Spotlight feature does not support users with the feature of recording comments on videos that are shared at the moment, and the source of many of the videos that are shared will not be determined in the Spotlight section.

It is mentioned that the Snapchat application did not specify at the present time the value that users will get when sharing videos, but expectations indicate that the value that will be provided to users will be determined according to the number of times they play and watch the videos.


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