Sony plans to bring PlayStation games to smartphones

News reports stated that Sony is seeking to change its direction during the coming period and bring the PlayStation games it develops to smartphones, in a move aimed at expanding the publication of its games, especially with the great demand for smartphone games from users around the world.

Eurogamer indicated that the company has appointed a new director to lead the team of converting the famous PlayStation games that it develops to work on smartphones.

The site adds that the company’s strategy with the director of developing mobile games aims to accomplish the task in a period ranging from three to five years.

Sony has been seeking for years to enter the mobile games market strongly, but through its own phones and supporting them with strong features, but it failed to do so.

For the company to take a new direction this time by developing games for smartphones in general, and publishing its games to a larger base of audiences.

The proliferation of games among smartphone users is an important reason for Sony’s trend, especially with the overwhelming success of games like Fortnite and Peggy over the past few years on smartphones in conjunction with its success on the PlayStation and Xbox game platforms, as its presence on most platforms has strengthened more users to participate. In which. The proliferation of powerful gaming phones, such as Lenovo Legion and Xiaomi Black Shark phones, facilitates the task of launching powerful games on them.

Sony is developing some of the most famous games in the world, including Uncharted, The Last of Us, and Polyphony’s Gran Turismo.


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