Spotify launches Greenroom audio app

Spotify has announced two significant steps in the audio sector with the launch of its Clubhouse-style Greenroom audio app, and the acquisition of podcasting app Podz.

Like Clubhouse, the Greenroom app is an audio social network, providing users with an environment for discussion and spaces to host audiences and give opinions, the company’s first attempt to truly enter the world of social networking.

The application aims to focus on culture, music, and sports – and this is not surprising when talking about the company being one of the most important music service providers around the world, and the fact that its founder, Daniel Ike, is fond of sports, especially football, and previously tried to acquire Arsenal in the last period.

Users can download the Greenroom app on Android and iOS in about 135 countries around the world, and then register in a traditional way or through a unified Spotify registration, and then select special interests, and then the rooms and spaces suitable for interests will appear.

In conjunction with the launch of the application, the company revealed the launch of a support fund for owners of popular rooms and their content makers to give them a “fee for money” according to the popularity of their rooms, which represents a strong step to attract those interested to compete with platforms such as Twitter with the Spaces feature or Club House.

Spotify is not satisfied with its expansion in the field of audio content and in all the ways that attract users. Even as the most popular music service among users on smart devices, and being one of the largest podcast providers as well, it still wants to support its presence in the field.

The company announced the acquisition of the Podz application, which helps users to search and find the right podcast for them, as this application uses artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to understand each user individually, and then provide suggestions and provide search results that match their interests.

The application is based on cropping audio clips from podcast episodes and presenting them to users, meaning that he will not need to listen to the entire episodes to get what he is interested in, but will get the parts that suit him to listen to, and of course he can then listen to the entire podcast episodes if he wants to.

This application will not work separately, but Spotify will integrate its technologies with its application so that users can get all its advantages along with other advantages of the company’s application.

Spotify had announced a service that enables content creators to monetize their content through the paid subscription feature, as Apple did through its own service.



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