Square is developing a digital wallet for bitcoin

Square is developing a digital wallet for bitcoin Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter and financial technology company Square, said his company Square is developing a real bitcoin wallet.

And the digital is the real “hardware wallet” for storing digital information, in a flash-like device so that important information is stored on it, documented and saved in safe ways to prevent any access to it, which means converting it to something like a trust fund in banks and important papers, precious metals and money are usually stored inside .

Jesse Dorogsker is leading the development of Square’s new wallet and service to make Bitcoin trading more secure and seamless between users.

This trend from Square, which is one of the most prominent digital payment services in the world, is to be expected, especially with the company’s founder and president Jack Dorsey’s interest in cryptocurrency, and he previously stated his desire to work with Bitcoin had it not been for his focus on leading Twitter and Square at the present time, but Now he is heading to change that by dealing in this currency through his own company.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first step from Square, as it previously made it possible to buy and sell bitcoin through its Cash App.

It is also not the first big step from major companies towards digital currencies, as the largest digital payment companies in the world such as PayPal, Visa Card, and MasterCard allowed buying and selling using digital currencies earlier.

Currently, there are real digital wallets in the market such as Ledger Nano X, Trezor and KeepKey dedicated to cryptocurrency.


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