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New promotional trailer for Surface Duo features  

Microsoft has published a new promotional advertisement for Surface Duo, highlighting the most important features of the Surface Duo dual-screen phone.

The software giant has started working on the development of the Surface Duo dual-screen device since 2017, when it detected the first patent for Microsoft in designing this category of devices, and today the device is already available in some outlets, with a distinctive dual-screen design with dividers connecting the two screens and supporting 360-degree bending With software developed in cooperation between Microsoft and Google.

Surface Duo features

The Surface Duo features two 6.5-inch AMOLED screens, or a large 8.1-inch tablet-mode screen, and the device works with the support of the Snapdragon 855 chip, and it has two options in storage capacity between 128 or 256 GB and a starting price of $ 1,400. Approximately.

The device also contains two batteries with a capacity of 3577 mAh, but it does not support 5G networks, it also includes an 11-megapixel camera and an f / 2.0 lens slot, and it applies to the Android 10 operating system with the upgrade soon to Android 11.

The promotional video published by Microsoft, which takes one minute, reviews the most important features that were provided by the software giant in the Surface Duo device, as the device supports the operation of two applications, and it also allows customizing specific shortcuts to automatically open two pre-defined applications at the same time.

The announcement also confirms the ability to drag and drop between two applications running on the screen, with support for Xbox playback, and the Surface Duo device can also support running games in landscape mode, where the user’s game appears on the upper screen, while the screen at the bottom works on Live broadcast of the user discount.

Also, the dividers in the screen can support installing the device in more than one mode, and Microsoft is expected to release new versions of the Surface Duo device with an upgrade to the processor chip and camera settings.

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