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False Information About Tech You stop believing it anymore

In our time, there are many people who believe everything that is said to them myths about technology, and they are not satisfied with believing myths, but rather spreading those technical myths, and they may turn from a misunderstanding to a group of myths that cannot be believed at all and do not enter the mind, such as what We’ll now introduce you to myths about technology.

Misconceptions around us may result in many negative consequences, so our role is to clarify the misconceptions to be on a level and a good level of awareness.

Put the batteries in the freezer to extend their life

Putting batteries in the freezer instead of this common technical myth will shorten their lifespan.
Because when you put the batteries in the freezer, the temperature in the battery drops, and when you take it out, the temperature rises quickly in it. Some studies prove that this process may lead to the explosion of the battery, and other studies have shown that a sudden change in temperature causes condensation, which leads to the battery corrosion.

Sitting in front of the TV is bad for your health as a whole

Sitting in front of the TV for a short distance is completely harmful to the eye, but near it. No, and the source of this myth is that the television emits x-rays from the screen that harm the human body. Currently, televisions and screens emit little waves, which in turn are not harmful to humans, except that you spent all your life in front of the television! Of course, this is impossible.

The incognito mode is sufficient for the purpose to anonymize the Internet

Some users believe that the Incognito Mode in the browser is sufficient to hide the effects of browsing on the network, but this belief is wrong because websites can still keep your data, and hackers in this mode can also access your information, although browsing history is hidden, so there are other more professional methods .

Use an original charger for your smartphone

The parts that come with smart devices are original parts that are unparalleled if they are damaged, and the charger is one of those parts that comes specially prepared for your phone, when you get stuck in a puzzle to buy an expensive original charger.

Let us have two options: either buy a new original charger from the agency from which you bought the device or from the parent company if it has a branch in your country, but it will either come with a high price as mentioned or a tradition, so we resort to regular chargers and USB connections that meet the purpose and never harm the device and work To charge it all you just have to choose a good quality brand.

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