Telegram adds group voice conversations to channels

Telegram has launched its new update 2.0 for group voice chats, accompanied by many new features, on top of which are the availability of voice chats for channels with an unlimited number of participants with the feature of saving the recording, as well as a set of new tools for supervisors that facilitate the management and control of voice chat.

Telegram explained in its announcement that public channels and groups are now able to host direct voice conversations with millions of listeners without any restriction on the number of participants in them. As if it is a radio devoted to keeping pace with the 21st century, as they describe.

Moderators can take advantage of the new feature by entering their group file or channel and clicking on the drop-down icon (⋮) or (⋯) and choosing “Start a voice chat to start the dialogue session.”

Record voice conversations in Telegram

One of the most important features in the update is the ability to record and save the voice conversation by pressing the three dots icon at the top of the conversation window and choosing “Start recording” and once completed it is automatically saved in the saved message box.

And if any of the speakers starts recording, the rest will be alerted that the conversation is being recorded by a red light appearing at the top of the conversation interface and adjacent to the title.

As for the listener participation mechanism, it is similar to the popular application today, “Clubhouse”, but with differences of course in the method of recruitment, where the listener can click on the microphone icon next to his name to send the notification to the moderator who controls whether his participation is allowed or not.

As for the personal identification profile, it has become visible to everyone in the new update; Where a person can share his interests and academic achievement or what he deems appropriate to identify himself among the attendees, whether to supervisors or other listeners. With the ability to use the brief to comment, ask questions, etc. on the current topic; It is one of the methods used today to increase interaction and accommodate as much participation as possible in large rooms on the “Clubhouse” in case it is impossible for everyone to participate by voice.

Additional facilities

The update from Telegram also facilitated the sharing of voice conversations with the audience directly; The moderator of the channel or public group can create a separate link to invite speakers and another to invite listeners directly.

Perhaps the part of the guest speaker invitation link makes the matter more organized without messing with the priorities of participating in the conversation on stage or wasting time in the welcome when entering the link of the listener or falling into the embarrassment of raising him to speak.

As for users to join voice channel conversations, the update came with the freedom to join, either with the user’s personal account himself or one of his channels, which prevents celebrities from drawing attention to their personal accounts when joining through the second method.

In addition to the previous big features, the update also loaded a number of other additions on the general level; It included adding the option to cancel or forward a message to another contact in case it was sent by mistake; The feature of dragging to the left has also been added in the conversations window of the Android application, which facilitates dealing with deleting, archiving, installing or maintaining any conversation in an easy way by gradually dragging it to the left. Which is available previously in the iOS version.


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