Telegram exceeds one billion downloads on smartphones

The Telegram application has entered the billion-download club to join the list of various Google and Facebook applications that have been able to reach this number over the past years.

The huge growth in the number of users and downloads on smartphones in the recent period comes after WhatsApp’s privacy policy and its users’ search for other options, in addition to the Corona epidemic, which motivated users to try other options while they are at home, and this also comes from the many advantages available on the application.

The application, which moved its headquarters to Dubai in the UAE in the last period due to Russian laws, seeks to be the first application in the coming period.

India is the largest market for Telegram – the second most used country for Internet applications in the world – accounting for 22% of all downloads of the application in its history. It is followed by Russia with 10% of all downloads, and Indonesia with 8%.

It is noteworthy that the number of downloads of the Telegram application has significantly accelerated since last year, as the first half of 2020 witnessed the addition of the application to more than 133 million downloads, and then in the first half of the current year 2021 it was able to achieve a growth of 61% compared to the same period last year, adding 214.7 million downloads.

It can be said that the number of downloads does not mean that there are effective users for all accounts, as the company announced at the beginning of the year that it had exceeded 500 million active users, but the number of downloads means the continuous increase in users’ orientation towards the application.


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