Telegram reach 500 million users

The CEO of Telegram revealed that the application is close to reaching 500 million active users, and revealed the company’s future plans to secure a source of income for it so that it can continue its work.

In a blog post on his official account, Pavel Durov revealed that any project the size of Telegram currently needs a few hundreds of millions of dollars annually to fund its operations and to be able to continue.

He explained that he personally paid for Telegram from his personal savings to support its growth until it reached where it is now. The company is on a path that will reach billions of users, and this requires adequate financing away from self-financing.

Any project of the size of Telegram faces two ways to obtain financing, either selling it to another party that supports it – as happened with WhatsApp – or start implementing tools to generate income – as did Snapchat – and the project founder ruled out selling it, since Telegram was found to stay.

So now the company plans to start generating income next year, and is committed to keeping the free benefits now free forever.

Telegram will provide paid benefits to companies, work teams or professional users, so that the average user does not feel any difference and will not cost anything, and permanently.

He also considered the idea of ​​displaying ads in individual or group conversations a bad idea, as communication between people should be free from any form of ads.

The company will launch its advertising network that can be used in some positions such as large channels, and in order for artists to design and sell posters, the company wants to share the income with its users.


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