The best Android and iPhone apps you install this week

There is no doubt that everyone suffers when searching for new applications that can benefit the individual, as unfortunately, application stores do not include an easy and regular mechanism that explains these applications from others, and even if they exist, the factor of finding useful applications remains very difficult, here Our role in finding these applications and presenting them to you comes through our weekly article, where as we have come to you about it, we are interested in new and free applications of great benefit to the masses of users, and there is no problem in our development of old applications we recently discovered or paid applications, in general and as is the case with the best Android applications And iPhone for last week, the applications for this new week came as follows.

Read Along

The first application in this group, and Google announced it a few days ago from now, to be available exclusively for Android users only, as for its definition, it is an educational application for children that helps them improve reading skills in Arabic, English and many other languages By reading interesting stories, collecting stars and badges, in cooperation with the virtual reading trainer, Diaa, and most importantly, that he has no need to connect to the Internet, as reading processing is done by phone only, and I leave the rest to discover it yourself.


After it was available for years on the iOS system, here is the Bazaart Photo Editor that reaches the users of the other system on Android, and it is a professional photo editor in every sense of the word, and to name just a few, the application supports the tool to remove the background from pictures, and the eraser tool and collage to collect Pictures, not to mention thousands of backgrounds and stickers for you to put on your photos, not forgetting the set of effects and lots of amazing tools for editing and editing photos.

File Converter

An application that is not new, but because of its great importance we have put it here, where almost this application will support converting the format of any file to any format you want, whether when it comes to image files, audio, e-books or even video, presentations and spreadsheets, and the File Converter application converts files in the cloud While you continue to use your device, the app is also available for download for free.

Focused Work

The next application, which is available exclusively for the iPhone and iPad campaign, and its main task is to help focus and organize the user’s time, with the help of effective tools, and one of the main strengths of the application is to create time-specific focus sessions, in order to divide tasks into periods, and the application also comes with a feature called “Structures”, which represent different stages of focus. For example, you will find a 5-minute planning stage, two 45-minute focused work stages, a 10-minute break in the middle, and so on.

My Math Academy

My Math Academy is an innovative game-based app that adapts to your child’s learning needs and habits, ideal for children aged 4-8 years, and works to build a solid understanding of basic math concepts and skills, and with the app you’ll find more than 200 educational goals. For example, improving skills in counting, the base decimal system, addition and subtraction operations, and much much more you will find with this educational app.


To start with, this application is only available on Android, and it is a physical safety alert application, as it will serve as a tool for people in a timely manner, whereby you can send a distress signal with the least amount of interaction by notifying your emergency contact of your location and your situation with one click, in addition In addition, you can also launch the default camera application and start recording the situation, you can even share the video with the application community to increase awareness of the good and bad experiences, in turn, the application is available for download for free.

Take Care of Yourself

Also, this app like its predecessor is only available on Android, and it is a new app from Philips that focuses a lot on taking care of yourself, as it contains a variety of tips and tricks along with articles and other things about getting better sleep, dealing with stress and managing your bad habits, You can also select the types of things you want to work on and the app will send you small to-do lists, reminders, and notifications to remind you to do so.

Baby Journal

One of the new apps on iOS, which is a photo editor, but not a general photo editor, but a special photo editor for young children, as his idea is to take pictures and convert these pictures into visual stories, so the application is designed specifically for mothers and new mothers, and with it you can add stickers, texts and filters Occasion, there is a section documenting the entire pregnancy journey, all that and more with this free app.


ScreenHive is one of the new digital wellbeing applications, and its idea is to put a floating window on your screen that includes a timer, so that the timer rises when you start using your phone, and here the premise is to clarify the time you spend on your device so that you can self-regulate how long you spend, in turn the window is small with what It is sufficient and does not interfere with the use of the device, and by the way the application is available for download completely free of charge, provided that it is only available to holders of Android devices.

Link Scanner

The latest applications in this group, and with it, there is no need to type links to websites with your fingers, as all you need is to direct the built-in camera in the application to the link, to scan it and open it directly to browse, and here, the application supports the history of links that were scanned by The application is to be visited at any time, and unfortunately, this application is currently available for iPhone and iPad campaign only.

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