The best iPads of 2020

Learn about the best iPads nominated for you in 2020, which offer features and specifications with performance that provides support at the highest efficiency according to the user’s needs.

IPads are the ideal choice for many users in the field of work or distance learning, and Apple recently provided support and performance improvements for two of the company’s releases, as Apple’s 2020 releases include the eighth generation of the iPad with a size of 10.2 inches, and the fourth generation of iPad Air devices in size. 10.5-inch, and also this year’s second-generation 11-inch iPad Pro, and the fourth-generation iPad Pro 12.9-inch, and there is also Apple’s 2019 version of the iPad Mini, which has a 7.9-inch screen.

All current versions of Apple iPads support the latest update of the iPadOS system, and the devices are compatible with the first or second generation of the Apple Pencil and the Apple Smart Keyboard, so the iPad devices will support the user in more tasks than common tasks in games or surfing the Internet Or stream videos, as the keyboard and Apple Pencil allow you to convert iPads to offer a MacBook-like experience.

The best iPad for all users

IPad 2020 size of 10.2 inches

It is the least expensive version of iPads for the year 2020, and it is the best choice for users when using iPads for the first time and in general with family members.

Apple introduces the iPad 2020 with a size of 10.2 inches and with the A12 bionic processor, which supports the device with fast performance compared to previous versions of the iPad versions, which is the same processor that was introduced in the third generation of iPad Air devices, and this latest version of the iPad is distinguished by an entrance to the headphones.

The device is expected to provide good support with the latest version of the iPadOS system, and the distinctive 128 GB model is the preferred model for the user in the iPad 2020, as 32 GB is often not sufficient to store a large amount of content or applications on iPad devices.

The best iPad device to support the user with more tasks

IPad Air 2020 size 10.9 inches

Apple introduces the iPad Air for the year 2020 with the A14 processor, which is the first Apple device to launch with the A14 processor, also comes with a larger 10.9-inch screen than the iPad Air 2019, which has a size of 10.5 inches, and the iPad Air 2020 version also comes with thin frames.

The device also includes a Touch ID fingerprint sensor built into the power button for a seamless experience to unlock the device, and iPad Air 2020 supports the second generation of the Apple Pencil, the Magic keyboard, and also the Folio keyboard.

This version also offers a better performance camera, with faster performance in connecting to Wi-Fi networks, and Bluetooth 5.0 technology, and Apple replaced the Lightning port in this version with the USB C port, which is one of the most widespread standards now, and this version comes with new improvements with a higher pricing level at a value $ 100 for the previous version.

Recall that the iPad Air for the year 2019 with a size of 10.5 inches is also a candidate version for the user, as it comes at a lower price, with a design that mimics the iPad Pro for the year 2017 and starts at a price of $ 499, also includes the A12 Bionic processor, and is available with a capacity of 64 GB or 256 GB.

The best iPad device to support users with an experience that simulates MacBook

IPad Pro 2020

Some users who are professionals in the field of design or creativity are looking for an iPad that offers a good performance that mimics the MacBook, and the iPad Pro for the year 2020 is the best choice to support this category of users, as iPad Pro devices are characterized by a suitable size to support professionals, and the screen size varies between 11 and 12 .9 inch, with the best display quality.

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro is the perfect alternative to the iPad for an experience that mimics the MacBook, as it provides a good space for work, and this year’s release includes all the configurations that provide the highest performance to the user.

The best iPad for mobile support

IPad Mini 2019 size of 7.9 inches

The design of the iPad Mini for 2019 may not differ from the previous version, but the iPad Mini for 2019 includes an A12 processor chip that provides faster performance, and the price for this version starts from $ 399.

The iPad Mini is an ideal choice for users on the move, and it can also support the user in taking quick notes, with good performance in games and more screen space compared to smartphones, and it also provides good support for the user in reading, browsing and watching video content.

The iPad Mini also features wide frames similar to old versions of iPad devices, except that it includes a Touch ID fingerprint sensor in the bottom frame, and it also comes with an entrance to the headphones.


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