The first images of Google’s upcoming update Android 12

The first screenshots of the upcoming Google Android update have leaked, which provide an initial look at some of the update’s features.

XDA developers have released leaked images showing the first glimpses of Google’s upcoming Android 12 update, which came via initial drafts submitted to Google’s partners.

XDA developers indicate that the details that appear in the leaked screenshots have not been fully confirmed, as some changes are often made before the update launches, but an initial look indicates that Google is preparing to bring a new design for the user interface, with a new privacy indicator, and a chat tool New.

The leaked images also reveal that the change in the design of the interface comes in the rounded corners, and Google also reduces the number of quick settings icons that come in the notification panel, and beige tones also appear in most of the Android 12 interface.

On the other hand, the screenshots show a new privacy indicator that simulates the iOS experience, as this indicator displays in the status bar an alert for the arrival of an application to the camera or microphone.

XDA developers have also confirmed that the update brings comprehensive fixes to privacy settings, with full user support in choosing to turn off or turn on the microphone and camera.

The conversations in Android 12 also come with a new experience for users through new tools that display the latest calls and messages, to be among the main features of all users of the Android 12 update, and it is expected that Google will launch the first beta version of the Android 12 update for preview during the month of March.


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