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The Sony Wena 3 smart bracelet comes with a heart rate sensor, and support for Alexa

Sony has unveiled a much improved version of its Sony Wena smart watch band. In case if you haven’t heard of the Sony Wena before, it’s a bit like a smart accessories, except that it replaces the strap of your watch. For any watch, you can have a classic mechanical watch with modern intelligence.

The screen is now much larger, the Sony Wena Pro had a small screen that fits into several lines of text. It can display notifications from your phone and it contains an alarm and timer which your watch may be lacking.

You can now use Alexa as well, there is a microphone for voice commands and an amplifier so that Amazon’s digital assistant can answer your inquiries. The built-in NFC chip supports many mobile payment systems.

The other new feature of the new Sony Wena 3 smart belt is the heart rate sensor, which can detect blood oxygen saturation and calculate VO2 Max. The smart belt can also calculate stress and recovery, and it also has a regular pedometer and sleep tracker as well.

Since this strap is meant to be paired with good looking watches, it should look good on its own. It is made of stainless steel and the Premium Black has an ion plated finish making the exterior wear-resistant while avoiding nickel allergy issues.

There is a silver version if you prefer, as well as leather and rubber options. You can wear this as a smart strap as well, although it will be at its best if you tie it with a watch. And before we forget it, this belt is water resistant to a depth of 50 meters, which means it won’t be damaged while swimming. The battery life is about a week and the recharging process is done using a special connector.

The Sony Wena 3 smart belt will be launched in Japan on November 27, with a starting price of 215 euros. Before concluding, we would like to point out that previous Sony Wena releases made their way to Europe, so this release may also make its way to the old continent.


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