The United Kingdom is developing the most powerful weather supercomputer

The United Kingdom has unveiled a new project to develop the most powerful weather supercomputer in cooperation with Microsoft at a huge cost estimated at millions of dollars – not exactly determined, depending on government support that the Kingdom provided to the Met Office.

The Bureau of Meteorology says that the supercomputer will be twice as fast as any computer in the country at present, and it is expected to top the list of the world’s fastest 25 weather supercomputers.

The most powerful supercomputer in the United Kingdom can do about 16 trillion calculations per second, so it is expected that the capacity of the new computer will exceed about 32 trillion operations per second.

The new computer is expected to operate in the summer of 2022, according to the British Met Office, to be fully powered on renewable energy, and this is supposed to contribute to reducing 7,415 tons of carbon dioxide in the first year thanks to the abandonment of natural fuels.

This announcement comes in conjunction with the British Earth Day, April 22, a country that is accustomed to large and continuous weather fluctuations, which will help in forecasting the weather accurately to avoid any related problems.

The UK government previously provided support of £ 1.2 billion to the Bureau of Meteorology in February 2020 to help it develop weather supercomputers.


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