The upcoming versions of foldable phones come in a thinner size

In statements released today, Lee Jong-min, CEO of Samsung, confirmed the company’s plans to develop the next versions of foldable phones in a thinner size and lighter weight.

Phone manufacturers have focused heavily in the recent period on developing foldable phones to be a major part of the company’s releases, and Samsung is one of the main developers for this category of phones, and it is also working continuously to develop a design that achieves the best experience for users.

Lee Jong-min’s comments came to show that foldable smartphones are a new sector and completely different from other smartphones, and he also emphasized Samsung’s focus on developing the next generation of foldable phones with a thinner and lighter design, that is, unlike the current versions.

Also, Samsung had launched the Galaxy Z Fold2 with a weight of 282 grams, which is a higher weight than the previous version, which was distinguished by a weight of 263 grams, but the new version came with a new design for the screen separators to protect the phone from dust, and it also supports the separators bending in more than one direction, so the design led The new screen dividers increase the thickness of the phone from 15.5 mm to 16.8 mm.

On the other hand, Google and Microsoft provided support to Samsung to develop software in its foldable phones to provide a distinctive experience for users, so the Galaxy Z Fold phones were the best choice for users in multitasking with a larger screen.

It is reported that recent leaks confirmed that Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy Z Fold3 in the market at the same price as its current Galaxy Z Fold2 phone, and expectations indicate that the next version comes with a camera at the bottom of the screen with an S pen, so we are expecting more details about the Korean giant’s plans for the next generation From her smart phone.


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